Have you discovered a “secret” place in nature?

Have you ever discovered a place in nature “off the beaten path”?

Last weekend I went for a hike, lost track of the group and stumbled upon a trail that took me to a series of swimming holes and waterfalls.

Secret Waterfalls
Secret Waterfalls

You’ll learn more about secret waterfalls soon enough. But first, here’s what’s in this update:

[+] My secret waterfall

[+] Is goat milk “good” for you?

[+] Getting back to nature

[+] Biohacking Social #3

[+] Are EMFs dangerous?

[+] The dark side of CBD

[+] Are you missing something?

[+] How to detox and become a “Master Faster”


Back to my secret waterfall…

Let me take you to the beginning of this story…

Amphika invited me to join a group hike to a waterfall. It’s the same waterfall that we had visited before at the end of Huay Kaew road just before it winds up the hill to the famous Doi Suthep temple.

Because I had been there before, I wasn’t really that interested in joining. It was more of a curiosity to find out what this gathering was all about. Who would join? Just tourists and expats (the white variety of which or called “farang” in Thailand)? Local Thai people? I was about to find out.

We met at a cafe just below the trailhead. There were maybe 20 or so people gathered – a mix of mostly farang along with a few Thai people.

Huay Kaew Waterfall
Huay Kaew Waterfall

I was distracted ordering coffee when the group decided to leave so I told them I would catch up – thinking that I would see them at the same waterfall I had visited before.

I was wrong. When we arrived at the waterfall there was no tour group to be found. So I thought I would get closer to the waterfall and then we would catch up with the group.

Wrong again. While I was distracted climbing to and getting in the waterfall, Amphika was below resting her feet in the stream while little fish nibbled on her skin. It was nature’s foot spa!

Flesh-eating Fish
Flesh-eating Fish

Amphika saw someone walk into the brush and forest near the waterfall. It turned out there was a trail. The trail to the “secret waterfall”…

We decided to check it out and, although there was no spectacular waterfall, this hidden trail took us to some small falls and water holes where young monks-to-be were playing.

We explored a bit and our hopes and interest in catching up with the group eventually vanished. So we walked back down a different trail accidentally trespassing through a temple. Of course the monks were kind enough to show us the way out.


Is goat milk good for you?

Note that I already covered this in my article about the last Biohacking Social meetup. Here’s what you should know:

Why goat milk? Dr Axe explains how it is superior to cow milk: it’s easier to digest; has fewer allergens, it’s less inflammatory; it’s high in calcium, it helps reduce cholesterol levels, it promotes glowing skin, and it enhances nutrient absorption.

My personal interest is that goat milk might be a superior source of absorbable protein for muscle growth – and it’s easier than chewing on steak all the time!


Getting back to nature.

As you already read above, I spent a bit of time in nature last weekend hiking to a waterfall and finding a hidden trail.

What I didn’t share was my adventure back into nature the following day…

Doisuthep Non Hunting Area
Doisuthep Non Hunting Area

Amphika and I joined a meetup at a temple called Wat Umong. We were late but had no trouble finding the group.

The temple is in a beautiful setting up against the green, forested mountains (or hills) on the west end of Chiang Mai.

We had been there before so the place was nothing new. It was really interesting to have some local guides explaining some of the sites, as well as chatting with some other people in the group.


After visiting the temple, we visited a place called Doi Suthep Non Hunting Area. I had passed by this place on the road before and was curious what it was all about.

It turns out it’s a bit of a sanctuary or reserve for a few animals – mainly some birds they keep in cages, along with buffalo and deer that are free to roam (but don’t go very far because the people feed them).


Biohacking Social #3

Biohackers Chiang Mai Biohacking Social 3
Biohackers Chiang Mai Biohacking Social 3

During the Biohackers Chiang Mai Biohacking Social, we touched on a LOT of different biohacking topics during our meetup, from breathwork to goat milk, and MANY topics in between.

You can read more about the latest Biohacking Social here.


In the News

Here are some interesting articles I’ve read recently that may interest you too…


Are EMFs dangerous?

If you don’t know about the potential harms of EMFs, you’re in for quite a surprise. I jokingly say to look out for them because you can’t actually see them (or smell or feel them).

They are all of the electric and magnetic waves – not just filling our airspace, but also passing through our bodies and affecting us on a deep cellular level.

During our Biohacking Socials, we’ve talked about things you can do to mitigate the harmful effects – like turn off WiFi, turn off electricity at the source, avoid light dimmers, use airplane mode on your devices, use a butane cooking stove, get an EMF meter/detector, or use an AM radio (video).

You can learn about the very basics of EMF, as well as things you can do to protect yourself in this Bulletproof article here.

If you want a deeper dive, I highly recommend the book I’m currently reading on the topic, called, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology. So far it’s an entertaining read. Also, it turns out that the author, Nicolas Pineault, is a fellow digital nomad who was in Thailand just a few years ago.


The dark side of CBD.

This is an interesting clip from a friend on Facebook who is good at arguing against popular beliefs. It seems that just about everything good has some kind of downside. And perhaps CBD is no different.

From Matt Blackburn via Facebook:

“Cannabidiol (CBD) is popular right now because everyone is stressed out from restricting carbs, being magnesium deficient and chronically inflamed. To take or vape PUFA-rich CBD oil only adds fuel to the fire, initiating and intensifying stress reactions. The short-term benefit that people feel is similar to taking any toxic polyunsaturated fat oil such as algae or fish oil. It suppresses the immune and metabolic system.⁣

CBD has been called non-addictive, but that has not been my observation in those that consume the tincture products chronically in ridiculously high quantities. CBD has been shown to reduce fertility by 30% in mice. There was also a 76% reduction in total testosterone and a 23% reduction in the amount of offspring produced (Carvalho RK, 2018). ⁣

Many of these marketing snakes combine their product with the fake sweeter stevia. That is another substance that lowers total testosterone via decreasing the fructose content of the sex glands (Melis, 1999). ⁣

Just say no to vegan starvation programs that put your stress through the roof. Carbohydrates from fruits, roots, maple syrup and honey will keep your liver topped with glycogen so that you don’t need to megadose CBD everyday. Protein and saturated fat from grass-fed red meat, pastured eggs, butter and milk are more protective against stress than CBD.”


Are you missing something?

Yes! You are missing something; that is if you haven’t read the last newsletter about learning new sports, coworking, biohacking, keto, fasting, cell phones, drinking water and the sun, be sure to check them out.


Do you want detox and become a “Master Faster”?

Although keto is the craze these days for the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST (dietary) approach to achieve your health goals – to cleanse & detox your body while burning fat.

Fasting burns fat.
Fasting detoxes and burns fat.

If you’re interested in learning all of the amazing benefits of fasting – and experiencing those benefits for yourself – I’m giving YOU a special promotional offer ($100 off) for my upcoming Master Faster challenge that begins on August 5th.

To qualify for this discount, simply send me a message and let me know that you’re interested. We’ll set up a call to make sure you’re a good fit for the challenge and, if so, you’ll soon be on your way to lifelong health!


What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with secret waterfalls, goat milk, nature, biohacking, EMFs, CBD and fasting?


Leave a comment and let me know.



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