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"Jason was an amazing instructor who made the experience educational as well as rewarding! I never thought Thanks to him I manage my first ice bath [เชียงใหม่] and stayed in for so long! Also dunked my head at the end! I normally HATE cold water, but now I am reconsidering this in my life as I feel so energized and fresh afterwards! Thanks for the experience which I can really recommend others to try!"

 ~ Jonas Abelsson ~ 

Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Bath

@ Alt_Chiangmai

About Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Bath Chiang Mai

At Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Baths @ Alt_Chiangmai, we provide a powerful combination of wellness modalities aimed to enhance your overall health and well-being.

Breathwork is an ancient practice with substantial modern scientific backing. It involves the conscious regulation of breathing to influence mental, emotional, and physical states. Regular practice can bring about a host of benefits such as stress reduction, improved mental clarity, increased energy, and an enhanced sense of calm and balance. By learning to control your breath, you learn to control your state of mind, paving the way for improved physical and emotional health.

Ice Baths (and Cold Plunges) have been a part of wellness regimens for thousands of years, from the ancient Romans to modern athletes. Immersing the body in cold water triggers a cascade of beneficial physiological responses. The body’s reaction to cold can help boost the immune system, increase metabolism, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the release of endorphins - the body's natural mood elevators.

When combined, breathwork and cold plunge therapy can significantly amplify each other's benefits. The breathwork practice prepares your body and mind for the cold exposure, making it easier to tolerate and recover from. The ice bath, in turn, enhances the mind-body connection honed through breathwork.

At Zen Strength, we hold expert-guided group sessions. We cater to both beginners and experienced practitioners, providing a safe, supportive, and transformative environment for all. Join us to harness the power of breath and cold, and unlock a new level of vitality and wellness.

Where - Alt_Chiang Mai
Price - THB 250
Bring - Towel and/or Yoga Mat
Provided - Showers

About Jason Ryer

Jason Ryer, the man behind Zen Strength, is a dedicated wellness expert with a passion for exploring the potential of the human body and mind. With years of experience in the realms of breathwork, cold therapy, and health optimization, Jason brings a unique blend of knowledge, passion, and personal experience to every session. Having benefited from these practices in his own life, he now strives to share these transformative wellness tools with others. Through Zen Strength, Jason aims to create a supportive, engaging, and informative environment that encourages everyone to discover their own path to enhanced health and well-being.

What do others say about Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Bath?

Now in our 4th year of workshops, we've had 100s of participants with a lot of positive feedback!


My first experience with doing an ice bath and it could not have been better. Jason explained the benefits, what I will experience during and after very clearly. Having a guide like Jason helped tremendously. I already want to go back and do it again and again. Being able to learn and talk about techniques to optimise our health was so great. If you’re on the fence about doing an ice bath for the first time, or if you’re not sure, do it! (and thank me later)

Dana Jackson

Came in feeling stiff and sore and left feeling rejuvenated - wonderful time spent in the ice today! Thanks to Jason for being a great breath work guide and host. Will be back soon!


Felt calm as a cucumber, exactly what I needed in the chaos of the city, this is a perfect spot to really connect with your breath and self.
The breath coach is superb, and the ice bath was a fantastic experience. Glad I found this place well worth it!

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Dive into the icy embrace at Bangkok Ice Bath. Beyond just a refreshing dip, it's a journey of health, community, and mental clarity. Check them out and embark on this transformative experience today!