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Ryan Manley - Weight Loss

Continued weight control has been very easy. I definitely recommend the program.

Ryan Manley

CEO at BigBlock.io

ZEN Services - by Jason Ryer:

ZEN Fat / Weight Loss Coaching

Struggling to reach your weight and health goals?

Clarify your goals, break through obstacles, reach your ideal weight and beyond:


ZEN Fat / Weight Loss 

What really works (for millions of people) based on the science and evidence around weight loss?

Get the best weight loss advice for foods, mindset, exercise and support - so you lose the weight - and keep it off!

ZEN Lifestyle: Nature + Health

Tired of living the rat race of "civilization" - and want to break free from the matrix?

Join Jason on his journey as he helps to re-unite people with nature - and better health.

zen: a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort

Praise and Testimonials

Kevin King - Weight Loss

I was nervous going into the program. The empowerment I've attained is priceless. The education was hugely beneficial. I certainly recommend this program. My overall well being has drastically improved. Thank you!

Kevin King, Associate at t Rowe

Joe Mills - Weight Loss

Before I entered the program I simply had a terrible relationship with food. It saved me a bunch of money. I feel like I reset to a much more reasonable place.

Joe Mills, Voice Over Artist at The Bearded Voice

Jerry Saltzman - Detox and Fasting

Jason’s program is a game changer that not only made me aware of my unhealthy eating habits but got me focused on a routine that put me on track for healthy eating. Jason is a gifted professional that is committed to helping others live a healthy life. His one on one sessions are priceless.

Jerry Saltzman, CEO at TEK COMMAND

Lauren Eason - Weight Loss

"I had a bit too much overall fat on my body. I found that it WORKS FOR ME. Now I do not stress about food. I would recommend this program to anyone. It is definitely an eye opener. Thanks again Jason!

Lauren Eason, School Principal

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About Jason Ryer

Hi, my name is Jason Ryer.

I'm a certified Bulletproof and Human Potential Coach and for 7+ years I've been helping myself and thousands of others upgrade their health and wellness.

I'm a:

Teacher: 2000+ Weight Loss Students
Expert: 7+ Years as a Health, Fitness, Nutrition Consultant and Researcher
Coach: 5 Years as Certified Bulletproof and Human Potential Coach
Biohacker: 7+ Years; Bulletproof Upgrade Labs as a Biohacker Tech

When I asked my students, clients and followers what they wanted the most, the #1 thing was to:

So now I'm on a mission to find the most simple, healthy and effective solutions to help them lose the weight - and beyond:


Jason Ryer - Biohacker Tech - BULLETPROOF Upgrade Labs
Jason Ryer - BULLETPROOF Coach
Jason Ryer - Certified Human Potential Coach
Jason Ryer - Human Potential Coach
40 Years of Zen Neurofeedback Brain Training

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