3 Weight Loss Myths

What are 3 prevalent myths around weight loss?

You’ll learn more about weight loss myths soon enough. But first…

Here’s what’s in this update:

[+] Free Fasting Challenge w/ GlobalFast
[+] My Update: Peptides to heal faster, red light therapy, fasting, breathwork, beef, and more…
[+] What you missed: Why I love chickens and more…
[+] Reduce stress, increase immunity and feel amazing
[+] The SIMPLEST way to lose weight
[+] Achieve your goals – faster

Back to Weight Loss Myths…

There’s a LOT of information (and mis-information!) out there on the internet these days. So much so, that it’s more and more difficult to separate the fiction from the fact.

When it comes to weight loss, you can read about diets, supplements, exercise and more. Everyone will tell you what they think works. And they may even back it up with some evidence.

Why care about weight loss?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with extra weight. However, carrying extra weight correlates with many modern chronic illnesses – like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and COV1D.

And, unfortunately we Americans seem to care less and less about carrying the extra weight.

I’ll share 3 myths you’ve probably heard about weight loss that you may or may not know as myth…

Weight Loss Myth #1: Exercise to lose weight.

As a life-long athlete, this myth is something that I strongly believed for most of my life. I saw people who couldn’t control their weight as lazy and lacking will-power to exercise.

However, now I understand that exercise really doesn’t move the scale all that much. Why?

Without getting into all the intricacies of exercise, diet and weight loss, you can think that, when you exercise, your body is likely going to gain lean body (muscle) mass. This will likely improve your body composition; but the scale might actually go up!

Furthermore, when you exercise, you’re probably not burning many more calories than you would doing your normal daily activities. You see, your body is already burning a good amount of calories by powering your large brain and other body parts.

If you really want to lose weight, it can be as simple as eating less (and healthier!) food.

So is exercise useless? For losing weight, it doesn’t seem to help much. But for overall health, it’s a must.

Click to learn more about exercise and weight loss – explained with 60+ studies!

My Update: Peptides to heal faster, fasting, breathwork, beef, and more…

It’s cooling off here in northern Thailand so I’ve moved my desk back outdoors so that I work outside – even when I’m staring at my computer screen!

In my personal update you’ll learn about how and why I inject with peptides, the Master Faster Challenge, supplements I use for energy and strength, selling beef jerky at Nana Jungle, and hosting our first volunteer.

Injecting Peptides for Quick Recovery

I’ve been recovering from an injury (dog bite on the hand!), epicondylitis in my elbow, and more recently frozen shoulder.

Along with massage and mobility exercises, I decided to try and biohack the problem with peptides.

What are peptides?

Healing with Peptides BPC 157
Healing with Peptides BPC 157

In simple terms, they are chains of amino acids that inform your body. In my case, I’m using something called “BPC 157” to heal tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even bones.

The upside is there’s plenty of research to prove the efficacy of this peptide. The downside is that peptides are not readily available – so I got mine from a friend who buys this stuff from China. Oh, and I have to inject it with a needle!

Here’s what else I’m up to…

Promoting Red Light Therapy

Please help support a small local startup (here in Thailand!) that sells a portable, targeted light therapy device that helps you:
[+] Relieve Pain
[+] Reduce Inflammation
[+] Repair Injuries
[+] Sports Recovery and Performance
[+] Revive Immunity
[+] Regain Energy
[+] Repair Skin and Cell
[+] Improve Sleep and Testosterone
[+] Relieve Anxiety and Depression
Red Light Therapy FlexBEAM
Red Light Therapy FlexBEAM
I’ve been using this device, I know the founders, and, as a professional health coach and biohacker, I’m very impressed with what they’re doing!
This is the best of light therapy technology in a portable device used to target specific problem areas on your body – like back, joints, muscles, etc.
It’s called the FlexBEAM and it helps you heal your body and recover faster.
Click NOW to get your own FlexBEAM – before they’re gone!
When you use these links, you also support me! …because I get a small affiliate payment to help support them.
Let me know if you have any questions about the company, campaign or the product. I’m happy to help answer them!

Building Strength while Burning Fat

We’re wrapping up this month’s Master Faster Challenge (with more info below) and, with that, I’m going back to a practice I used before to build strength while burning fat.

What is this secret strength-building, fat-burning practice?

I’m boosting strength with ketones, essential amino acids, and fasting.

More specifically, on training days, I take ketone salts and essential amino acids before I do a (usually quick) workout mid-day and then I unofficially break my fast after.

I say “unofficially” because technically both the amino acids and my morning Bulletproof coffee break my fast. Thus I call it a “modified fast”.

Selling Beef jerky at Nana Jungle Market

We’ve been selling beef jerky online since April this year. Last weekend, we took our show on the road. (Well actually… just up the street at the local Saturday morning market.) 

Healthy Farang Beef Jerky at Nana Jungle Market
Healthy Farang Beef Jerky at Nana Jungle Market

Unfortunately beef still gets a bad rep and I’m afraid it’s only getting worse with the pro-vegan propaganda increasing.  Here’s what people don’t seem to understand about beef…

Beef is nutritious.

Beef is the most accessible, nutrient-dense food we have on the planet. It’s also a “cleaner” fuel source because of the simple fact that cows feed on grass. We can’t say the same about pork, poultry or fish. (Then there are all the anti-nutrients, GMOs, chemicals, and incomplete proteins found in plants.) 

Beef can help restore the planet.

Furthermore, if you want to save the planet, you need to save the soil. You can’t effectively do this with mono-crop farming and confined feed lots. Instead, we can improve the soil and sequester carbon by practicing regenerative farming – meaning that animals defecate on the soil!

EcoHealth Playground gets a “Volunteer Upgrade”

Unfortunately with just .4 acres, we don’t have nearly enough room for cows. But we do plan to get our chickens back! (And maybe rabbits?)

My feedback for our first Workaway volunteer:

William was more than just an amazing volunteer; he quickly became a friend and part of the family during his 2 weeks here.

We worked together on various jobs around the yard and house – clearing paths, removing weeds, sweeping, cleaning, fixing tubs, caring for trees, taking out the compost, making mulch from coconuts and grass, and even taking a short road trip to buy compost where we stopped to enjoy some scenic waterfalls.

After 2 weeks, our landscape and our small house look so much cleaner.
Better yet, having William’s company as a Thai veteran (living here 10 years!) made the work enjoyable and something I looked forward to every day.

I definitely recommend William and welcome him back any time!

William and Jason at Sticky Waterfalls
William and Jason at Sticky Waterfalls

More Weight Loss Myths

Without further ado, here are 2 more weight loss myths you may not know of…

Weight Loss Myth #2:  Eating breakfast helps you lose weight.

There are plenty of people saying,

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

In fact, there are studies to back up that people who eat breakfast are generally healthier.

So it makes sense that you need to eat breakfast to lose weight, right?

Wrong. Just because people who eat breakfast tend to be healthier, you can’t then conclude that eating breakfast will help you be healthier.

Stop and think for a sec…

What’s the quickest way to lose weight?

Easy: Stop eating. Or fast.

So how does it make sense to add a meal in the morning to the equation of losing weight?

It’s quite the opposite. If you want to gain weight, you should eat breakfast.

Click to learn more about why eating breakfast is not a good weight loss strategy – confirmed by scientists.

Weight Loss Myth #3:  Low-carb is the best way to lose weight.

Keto is the craze of fad diets these days. Anyone who pays attention to health is learning:

Carbs are bad!

But is it true? Is it necessary to cut out carbs to be healthy?

Wait a sec… that wasn’t the question… The question is:

Is it necessary to cut out carbs to lose weight?

…and the science tells us: No.

A year-long randomized clinical trial (DIETFITS) has found that a low-fat diet and a low-carb diet produced similar weight loss and improvements in metabolic health markers. Furthermore, insulin production and tested genes had no impact on predicting weight loss success or failure. Thus, evidence to date indicates you should choose your diet based on personal preferences, health goals, and sustainability. – examine.com

In fact, it seems that you can go low-fat and still be healthy – based on metabolic health markers.

This is where I personally disagree and will go on record to say that people eating healthy fats are going to be healthier than people severely restricting fats.

How so?

Healthy fats are likely our best source of nutrients.

These are found in foods like fatty beef, liver, and eggs. And if you’re in the minority that doesn’t do well on saturated fats, you can opt for coconuts, avocado, olives and their oils.

So, if you’re goal is to lose weight, go ahead and cut out fat. But I’m warning you: You will find it quite challenging to optimize your health without a healthy amount of fat in your diet!

Click to read more about the nutritional benefits of animal vs plant protein.

What you missed: Why I love chickens and more…

Are you missing something?

Yes! You are missing something; that is if you haven’t read the last newsletter, click to learn more about chickens, bamboo, pumpkin, beef jerky, compost, posture, digital detox, sleep, breathwork, biohackers and fasting!

How do you reduce stress, increase immunity and feel amazing?

Do you experience anger, anxiety, pain, depression, grief, or stress?

How can you increase immunity, improve relationships, process emotions, and better understand yourself, all while boosting creativity, confidence and happiness?


Breathwork. That’s right. You can use the simple power of your breath to improve your health and wellbeing when you join one of our live events…


What is the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

Although keto is the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST approach to LOSE WEIGHT and achieve your health goals.

Fasting burns fat.
Fasting burns fat.

If you’re interested in learning the amazing benefits of fasting – and experiencing those benefits for yourself – I’m giving you a special promotional offer ($100 off) for my upcoming Fasting for Weight Loss Challenge.

To qualify for this discount, simply send me a message and let me know that you’re interested. We’ll set up a call to make sure you’re a good fit for the challenge and, if so, you’ll soon be on your way to weight loss – and lifelong health!

How can you achieve your goals – FASTER?

What if I told you there’s a way to not only clarify your challenges and life goals; but that you can achieve those goals MUCH faster?

Bulletproof Human Potential Coach

As a former Biohacker Tech at Bulletproof Upgrade Labs and a certified Bulletproof Human Potential Coach, I help people like you clarify and achieve their goals – and fast.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I can help you clarify and achieve your goals faster, send me a message so that we can set up a call to find out if you might be a good fit.

What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with weight loss, fasting, peptides, red light therapy, breathwork, beef, chickens and coaching?

Leave a reply and let me know.

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