Do you have COVID?

I’ve been feeling a bit rundown and tired lately and, with C-19 cases on the rise, I can’t help but ask:

“Do I have C-19?”


“What can I do about it?”

I imagine you – or many others like you – have had the same questions!

You’ll learn more about dealing with C-19 soon enough. But first…

Here’s what’s in this update:

[+] Do you have C-19?

[+] Fasting with Frog Venom

[+] What’s the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

[+] How can you achieve your goals – FASTER?

[+] How do you reduce stress, increase immunity and improve weight loss?

Back to Dealing with C-19…

Do you have C-19?

What can you do about it?

I admit that I may be a bit behind the curve here in Thailand in regards to the C-19 situation.

To date we have 71,025 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 276 deaths (according to WHO) most of which have been counted in just the last month!

Restrictions are in place and it’s reported people not wearing masks can be fined up to 20,000 THB (~$642 USD).

Thus it stands to reason that I may be at a much higher risk for C-19, and when I feel a little off, there’s a chance that I have C-19. So…

What can I do? And…

What can you do if you think you might have C-19?

Get the vax!

Most people I know in the US seem to be getting the vaccine with early indications that it’s quite effective at stopping COVID infections and symptoms. 

We don’t have the vax widely available here in Thailand and I prefer to go without – at least, that is, until I see the longer-term effects are not as bad as I’ve found in my research they could be.

Get tested!

I would be interested to know if I test positive for COVID.

However, the tests are administered at hospitals where, if (often FALSE) positive, the hospital will hold you (like prison against your will) for at least 10 days!

Are hospitals making matters worse?

I have a healthy distrust for hospitals. I see that they do great work to stitch up and repair acute injuries and accidents.

However, when it comes to longer-term issues, as well as healing and recovering in general, I think hospitals may be about the worst place to be.

Hospitals Can Make You Sick(er)

In fact, it seems that, despite their efforts, hospitals can prolong sickness and even make it worse.

How so? Lack of natural sunlight, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food, lack of movement, isolation from loved ones, radiation, and the fact that you’re surrounded by sick people!

(I experienced ALL of these things when in the hospital a few years ago.)

What can you do instead?

In general, and looking specifically at C-19, there’s strong evidence of healing outside of traditional allopathic medicine including:

  • Nature
  • Sun exposure
  • Supplements (including Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin, NAC, and MANY more)
  • Lowering Stress
  • Eating Healthy (less often, less calories, less alcohol, less sugar, less processed/fast foods – by following the BULLETPROOF Diet and Fasting Roadmap)
  • Moving Your Body
  • Being close to loved ones

The WHO is opting out from alternative supplements – saying that they cannot “cure” C-19. Well guess what? NOTHING (not even the vax) cures C-19. In fact…

“Most people who get C-19 recover from it”

That’s right… the WHO claims vitamins will not “cure” you of C-19. And, on the SAME page, they claim people “recover” from C-19 with “supportive care” – which would include proper nutrition with vitamins and minerals!

So then…

What’s the magic pill?

We all want the easy way out.

Rather than getting outside in the sun, moving our bodies and spending time with real people (instead of looking at social media on screens), we would rather just pop a pill and feel better.

If that’s you, I have news for you:

There is no magic pill!


Based on my experience with general illness, something as simple as taking about 1 gram (1,000 mg) of vitamin C about every hour really helps.

Measure Yourself!

In fact, when reading daily fluctuations in my body temperatures (from my Oura ring), I noticed my temperature was elevated by about 0.5% the first day I felt symptoms (of sore throat, slight headache and lethargy).

And take action!

What did I do that day?

The first day I felt off I took over 10 grams of vitamin C, frequent doses of Carbon 60 (fullerine), vitamin E and CoQ10 (the last 2 simply because I happened to have them on hand).

The next day, my body temp was back to normal – so I stopped mega-dosing.

And guess what happened?

My body temp went right back up again!

So the lesson learned is to keep going with the mega-dosing a bit longer.

Find Your C-19 “Stack”

If you want to increase your immunity, you can do some of the things I’m already doing, as well as some more I will be adding shortly: *

  • Nature w/ Sun
  • Movement and Activity
  • Intermittent Fasting (Eat less often)
  • Eggs and Organ Meats (nature’s multivitamins)
  • Vitamin C (up to 1g / hr)
  • Melatonin (3mg 3x / day)
  • Magnesium (2x / day)
  • NAC (up to 1.2g daily for < 3 days)
  • Quercetin (500mg daily)
  • Zinc (for first 2 days of symptoms)

* NOTE: I’m not recommending anything to treat disease. You are in control of your own health and will benefit by doing your own research.

My research is based on what I’ve learned over the years from my own experimentation, from doctors and from wellness professionals.

The best article I’ve found that gives a balanced and scientific take on C-19 (including the vax, drugs, and many supplements) is here.

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What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with C-19?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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