What is dry fasting – and is it worth it?

Good questions.

I completed my first dry fast! I want to share both my surprising discoveries and what I found based on some research – so that you can decide if it’s something you want to try.

This is NOT dry fasting. It's a keto salad and green smoothie.
This is NOT dry fasting. It’s a keto salad and green smoothie.

You’ll learn more about my experience with dry fasting soon enough. But first, here’s what’s in this update:

[+] My surprising discoveries dry fasting

[+] What you missed: The Master Faster detox challenge

[+] How “easy” is your life?

[+] Are you being “civilized to death”?
– Biohacking Social #9

[+] How to detox and become a “Master Faster”

Back to my surprising discoveries while dry fasting…

Think about fasting for a second. What comes to mind?

Is it something “bad”, undesirable or even painful?

Or do you think more about all of the amazing benefits you can gain from fasting?

Now… Think for a minute again about dry fasting. Wait! You might be asking:

WTF is dry fasting? Simply put, it’s fasting without consuming food or water. Simple? Yes. Easy? I’ll share my story and let you decide…

Why would you want to dry fast? The link above already tells you about the amazing benefits of fasting. For many fasting seems both extreme and dangerous. “No food? How is that possible?!” But then you take away water and it becomes something that intuitively is just plain WRONG.

I wasn’t really all that interested in dry fasting until a met a fellow from Australia who had been fasting for nearly 30 years for health reasons. He said that, when you dry fast, you get all the benefits of water fasting – but much faster.

We were wrapping up 4 weeks of my Master Faster detox challenge. I often like to try and experiment with something new when I do these challenges – so that I can share my experience with my students. What did I find?

Fasting isn’t fun. Don’t let anyone fool you. Despite all of its amazing benefits, fasting isn’t fun; and I do it mostly for health reasons. (Beyond health, I often get a clearer mind that helps with learning, problem solving and meditation.)

Before you fast. I asked my friend how he recommended to prepare for a dry fast. He said that getting into ketosis would make the fast easier.

Biohack your fast. I’ve “biohacked” fasts in the past using exogenous ketones and other supplements. I happened to have some exogenous ketones on hand, so after my last meal on Sunday, I drank them down.

I’m not sure exactly how this affected me and the ensuing 36 hours without food or water. I know that taking ketones can help kick-start ketosis. However, I also know that my liver and muscles still had a good amount of glycogen stored so sustaining ketosis wasn’t likely.

Biohack your fast - with ketones.
Biohack your fast – with ketones.

Fasting SLOWS me down. Some people brag about how they have abundant energy when they fast. I always envied those people and hoped I too would “turn the corner” and go from lethargic to energetic during my fast.

Thankfully, I have experienced these bursts of energy during a couple of my fasts. But during most of my longer fasts, I feel a little weak and tired. I don’t let that stop my normal activities – so I’ll save intense exercise until after I break my fast.

I was f’ing hungry! With modern western SAD (Standard American Diets) many people go through life never experiencing true hunger. They only ever THINK they are hungry (usually based on habit and emotion).

During this fast I had some strong urges and desires to eat…especially as I approached the time to break my fast (which I chose because I had made plans to have lunch with a friend).

Rest and digest. Fasting is a good time to relax, rest and digest. Although I stuck to my regular schedule with work and class, I didn’t push myself.

In fact, I went to bed early both nights between 9-10pm during the fast and slept a little later than usual, waking just after 7am.

I also had regular (for me!) morning bowel movements (which often disappear when I fast for more than a day).

Break your fast SLOWLY. In the past I’ve come out of a fast with some diarrhea. This time I wanted to be ready to eat without repercussions. I drank a glass of water with lime and himalayan sea salt just over 2 hours before eating solid foods. I then drank a Bulletproof coffee with egg just 1 hour before eating solid foods. Then I ate a sort of keto salad with all kinds of stuff on it.

Bulletproof Coffee (with egg?!)
Bulletproof Coffee (with egg?!)

And I felt GOOD. After the fast I felt really good. I could feel my energy coming back and I was strong the next day.

I had an unusually solid poo the next morning which I think was good.

Overall, I liked the feeling after the dry fast and I think the “detox” effects are powerful. I next want to see how I feel going for 3 days…

You can read more about dry fasting from Mark Sisson here:

Dry Fasting: Is It Worth It?

Omelette salad with beef and veggies. And wheatgrass. ( Also NOT fasting! ;)
Omelette salad with beef and veggies. And wheatgrass. ( Also NOT fasting! 😉

You missed out!

If you weren’t one of the fortunate students to join in the 4-week Master Faster detox challenge last week, you missed out on an in-depth experience packed with some of the best research on fasting for optimizing health and wellness.

In the course I reveal some of my secrets to not only make fasting easier, but also at the same time, more effective – with fasting biohacks.

How easy is your life?

Think about it. What things are easy in your life? What things are a struggle?

Can you imagine an easier life? What does that look like?

You can learn more about easy living by reading my most recent Zen Strength update.

More "secret" waterfalls.
More “secret” waterfalls.

Are you being civilized to death?
– Biohacking Social 9

During the Biohackers Chiang Mai Biohacking Social, we touched on a LOT of different biohacking topics during our meetup, from over-civilization to micro-dosing, and MANY topics in between.

You can read more about Biohackers Chiang Mai Biohacking Social 9 here.

Do you want detox and become a “Master Faster”?

Although keto is the craze these days for the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST (dietary) approach to achieve your health goals – to cleanse & detox your body while burning fat.

Fasting burns fat.
Fasting detoxes and burns fat.

If you’re interested in learning all of the amazing detox benefits of fasting – and experiencing those benefits for yourself, let me know and we can find out if you qualify.

What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with dry fasting, detox, easy living, and over-civilization?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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