Look back over the past few days, weeks, months and years…

How healthy have you been?

How’s your diet?

Perhaps you feel like there’s some fat loss and/or “detoxing” that can be done?

Fat Loss
Fasting for Detox / Fat Loss

If so, you’ll want to continue reading to find out about

3 interesting things coming your way:

  1. Your daily dose of detox and fat loss.

    I’m sharing daily info and updates on FASTING – as a way to detox and lose fat.

    What are some of the things you’ll learn?

    You can look forward to answers to the following questions:
    • What are the benefits of fasting?
    • Does fasting mean you’re starving?
    • What is Intermittent Fasting?
    • Is fasting right (and safe!) for you?
    • Can you drink coffee (or tea or whatever) while fasting?
    • Can (and should) you exercise while fasting?
    • Will you lose muscle mass while fasting?


  2. Free Group Fasting Challenge.

    I’m hosting another FREE challenge for 3 days starting this SUNDAY.

    This is your chance to “flex your fasting muscles” to achieve your health goals.

    How do you join the free group fasting challenge?

    It’s easy.

    Simply click on the link to the free fasting challenge and sign up to join.

    You’ll then get tasks to complete and you’ll be sharing your fasting experience with a group of your peers – for support and accountability.

    How you fast is totally up to you. If you’re not sure, I recommend starting small – anywhere from 13 hours (mostly while you’re sleeping!) on up to 3 days (if you already have experience fasting).

    Remember: It’s a challenge – and a competition. You’ll get points for completing tasks and, if you have the most points at the end, you will win a prize!



    The following SUNDAY (after the free group fasting challenge) you’re invited to step up and take your fasting game to the next level – to become a “Master Faster”.

    This means you’ll do what it takes to achieve your health goals
    – to LOSE FAT & DETOX in 4 WEEKS (…and for the rest of your life)!


    You’ll use and learn the SIMPLEST way to Burn Fat, Build Strength and Boost Energy – without strict dieting or exercise – so that you finally reach and maintain a healthy weight.

    Learn more and sign up for the FASTING MASTERCLASS here.

What are the benefits of fasting?

Good question. Stay tuned and you’ll find out in the next update…

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