Do you find yourself getting stressed out? Not sleeping well? Losing focus?

Stressed and tired
Stressed and tired

I know I do!

What do you do – to improve this – so that you are relaxed, energetic, stronger, creative and focused?

One simple yet effective thing you can do is:


That’s right. By simply controlling your breath, you can completely change both your state of mind and your physical well-being.

Jason Ryer / Zen Strength Update

You’ll learn how soon enough, but first here’s what’s in this update:

[+] my progress with keto

[+] healthy coffee

[+] plastic consumption

[+] skipping breakfast

[+] and of course, my experience with breathwork.

Back to breathwork…

I’ve been practicing Wim Hof daily for 3 weeks and have found that it does make me feel really good – giving me a boost of energy and focus.

For example, I’ve had some stomach issues and associated brain fog that left me wanting to just lay down and sleep. Instead of giving in to the urge to sleep, I followed Wim Hof’s breathing and soon felt better with no more stomach upset and a clear mind.

I’m following 10 weeks of Wim Hof so I still have a few weeks left.

Click if you want to learn more about Wim Hof breathing, try if for yourself, and “get high off your own supply”!

Keto sucks.

Yeah, so far being on keto sucks. But I’m not sure if keto is to blame. You see, as I mentioned before, I’m doing keto to help clean up some gut issues. Unfortunately they seem to be worse lately.

Rather than getting into the details, I do plan on sticking with keto and may be further restricting my diet to see what happens cutting out some plants that I think may be problematic – like nuts and seeds.

It seems I may end up on a carnivore diet!

In the News

Here are some interesting articles I’ve read recently that may interest you too…

Is your coffee healthy?

Bulletproof Butter Coffee in Japan
Bulletproof Butter Coffee in Japan

When I came across this article about healthy coffee, I couldn’t help but click and read. I’ve heard it all before but I think they did a good job of getting into some of the nuances of different ways to brew / steep your coffee.

I personally like a french press – ideally using high quality fresh-ground beans. But I accidentally bought ground coffee and have been putting that in the french press making for an extra-strong coffee!

I did find and order some mushroom coffee here in Thailand so I’ve been drinking that as well. Of course I’m still making my coffee Bulletproof with butter or ghee and MCT oil. (And maybe adding eggs, green tea, cacao,  and coconut milk.)

What’s The Healthiest Way To Brew Coffee? We Asked The Experts

Plastic is EVERYWHERE.

Yes, it’s true. Plastic is not just in the containers and products we use. It’s in our bodies too. If you think you’re safe with your BPA-free plastic, you’ll want to think again.

I have re-usable containers opting ideally for glass or ceramic and then steel. But then I occasionally still end up using plastic for its convenience.

Why BPA-Free Plastic Isn’t Necessarily Safe

Do you eat breakfast?

If so, why? I recently read some studies done by on the effects of skipping breakfast, as well as skipping carbs in the morning.

Not surprising (to me at least), it turns out doing both of those things will help with weight loss.

You can read the full quotes on my Facebook Page.

What else am I up to?

View from my home in Chiang Mai, Thailand
View from my home in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’m thinking more about my next move. Literally. My lease is up in January and, although I like my studio on the 6th floor of 500+ unit complex facing lush green forested mountains of northern Thailand, I want to get closer and re-unite with nature – and better health.

I’m not sure exactly where I’ll go. I’m thinking something on the ground floor in nature that’s either already part of an ecological community (like an ecovillage).

Or I start my own. Just some ideas for now…

What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with breakfast, plastic, coffee, keto and breathwork?

Leave a reply below and let me know.

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