Biohacking Social #9 – Biohackers Chiang Mai

Are you being “civilized to death”?

During the Biohackers Chiang Mai Biohacking Social, we touched on a LOT of different biohacking topics during our meetup, from over-civilization to micro-dosing, and MANY topics in between.

Biohackers Chiang Mai - Biohacking Social 9
Biohackers Chiang Mai – Biohacking Social 9

Wait a sec! What is biohacking and a biohacking social?

Good question. It’s something I covered in an article after our first biohacking social meetup – so you can click to learn more.

Biohacking Topics

You’ll learn more about over-civilization soon enough. But first, here are some of the things we discussed:

[+] Are you being “civilized to death”?

[+] Location, location, location.

[+] You are what you eat, right?

[+] Do you want yet another biohack to help you sleep?

[+] What you need to know about Chiang Mai?

[+] What do you know about micro-dosing?

[+] How can breathing calm, energize and heal?

Are you being “civilized to death”?

Somebody mentioned this during the meetup and I thought it was a brilliant expression for what’s happening to people in our modern world of ever-increasing convenience.

If you follow biohacking, you probably understand what this means. Regardless, rather than focus on the problem of over-civilization, I’ll turn to Arthur Haines for 10 steps to better health – by “rewilding” yourself.

Location, location, location.

Perhaps related to rewilding is this question:

Where’s your optimal home?


Where’s the best place to live in Chiang Mai?

We touched on a few of these topics and they are very relevant to my current situation because I’m looking for a new home – something closer to nature…and better health!

Are you eating food out of place and out of season? This is a strong belief of Dr Jack Kruse and his followers. I did some light digging on the Internet and found Kruse reference this: Life on planet earth is adapted to local, seasonal diets.

What’s the impact of shipping foods? Hmm, good question. I think we would all agree that the quality of food decreases when it is shipped unless, perhaps, when it is frozen (in which case frozen food is actually probably better than “fresh”). But of course there’s also this: the Environmental Cost of Shipping Groceries Around the World.

What about 5G in Chiang Mai? It’s almost certainly coming. You can see the current cell coverage on this map here. And here’s an article from the mainstream media, a la Bangkok Post, focusing on the benefits of 5G with one quote that pretty much sums up why we have all this destructive forces in our modern world:

[5G] aims to increase opportunities and competitiveness of the country’s economy

You are what you eat, right?

Can food before bed help you sleep? Yes! But… Food before bed can also hinder your sleep. Here’s the biohack, courtesy of Ben Greenfield: a giant spoonful of coconut oil, topped with a dab of almond butter, a pinch of sea salt and a drizzle of raw honey.

Where can you get BP coffee in Chiang Mai? Rx Cafe.  You can make your own Bulletproof Coffee (I prefer using an immersion hand blender); or you can make Bulletproof drinks without a blender!

How important are your veggies? It seems to be common knowledge these days that vegetables are good for health. However, you may want to reconsider… Especially after you read about how plants have defense mechanisms that often make us sick in the “Plant Paradox”.

Speaking of veggies, if that last sentence didn’t immediately turn you to the carnivore diet, then you should check out JJ Market on Sunday mornings for fresh produce. (They do have meat but I only saw one butcher with pork when I was there.)

How healthy is wheat? Let’s ask our friend, Dave Asprey:

[Wheat has] antinutrients, complete with inflammatory agglutinin, FODMAPs (sugars that feed bad gut bacteria), allergy-inducing amylase-trypsin inhibitors, lots of nutrient-sucking phytic acid, and heat-stable lectins that don’t break down when you cook them. And, of course, it gets moldy. [ref]

Biohackers Chiang Mai - Biohacking Social 9
Biohackers Chiang Mai – Biohacking Social 9

Do you want yet another biohack to help you sleep?

Disturbance to sleep is one of the symptoms often reported as part of hypersensitivity. [ref]

Read the article for more info on the problems with EMFs and sleep, as well as 6 solutions to help you sleep better.

Here’s an additional tip for those of us sweating it out at night here in Thailand: You can use a battery-powered fan to reduce. And here’s WHY dirty electricity from AC power (plugged into a wall outlet, eg) is dangerous.

What do you know about micro-dosing?

We talked about micro-dosing for depression, childhood trauma. niacin, psilicybin mushrooms, ayahuasca for depression and sound therapy. All potentially good ways to biohack your way to better health.

I don’t have any links to cover all these topics at the moment but I’m sure we’ll learn more as our group grows and evolves.

How can breathing calm, energize and heal?

We talked a bit about the benefits of breathwork… including Wim Hof, Buteyko and Oxygen Advantage.

Find more about the many benefits of Breathwork, as well as upcoming local events (including ICE BATHs!).

What about other stuff you may have missed?

Other topics of interest: L Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics, Brave New World, genetics and health, trauma and health, your ACE score for childhood trauma, stem cellsgratitude, and freemasons.

What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with over-civilazation, location-based health, food, sleep, Chiangmai, micro-dosing, and breathwork?

What are your biohacking tips, tricks and questions?

Leave a comment and share below.

And join our biohackers meetup in Chiang Mai!

Biohacking Social 9 - Salad Concept
Biohacking Social 9 – Salad Concept

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