How do you stick to healthy habits when you travel?

Sweet Potatoes at the Convenience Store
Sweet Potatoes at the Convenience Store

I think for most of us, we simply don’t!

Instead we plan our schedule around food and spend much of our time eating meals while snacking in between. We may also lose sleep with travel time and staying out late.

Taco Rice Bowls
Taco Rice Bowls

During my stay in Okinawa, I can count quite a few unhealthy things:

[+] I lost a lot of sleep taking a redeye flight that departed Bangkok at 3am.

[+] I was on a bit of a “See Food” diet eating just about everything all day long!

[+] I didn’t exercise.


And, in my case during my stay in Okinawa, it was definitely a time to indulge.

Regardless, I did do some healthy things like:

[+] I set my watch ahead to Japan’s time and set my eating schedule accordingly (not eating at 10pm with the rest of the group and instead fasting for about 20 hours).

[+] I wore blue blocking glasses, long sleeves and a hat to block blue lights at night (again looking ahead to the time in Japan).

[+] I walked all over the place with maybe 20,000 steps each day.

[+] Instead of going for processed food at the convenience store, I opted for boiled eggs and sweet potatoes!

[+] I got sun, grounded and closer to nature at the beach.

[+] I did Wim Hof breathing daily.

Okinawa Beach
Okinawa Beach


You can see photos of my trip here:

Okinawa General Photos

Shuri Castle

Cooking Class


Oh! And I found Bulletproof / Butter Coffee at the convenience store. It was delicious! Check it out:

Bulletproof Butter Coffee in Japan
Bulletproof Butter Coffee in Japan


What are your healthy and unhealthy habits while traveling?

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