What comes to mind when you think about STRESS?

Anxiety & Stress

Maybe you think it’s all about worrying about the “bad” things in your life.


Did you know that stress can be good for you?


You’ll learn more about the power of stress soon enough. But first, here’s what’s in this update:

[+] The Power of Stress

[+] What is “VIP Fearless Business Coaching”?

[+] Biohacking Social #9

[+] Is keto REALLY good for your brain?

[+] Is salt “good” or “bad” for you?

[+] Is Omega 3 “good” or “bad” for you?

[+] Are you missing something?

[+] How to detox and become a “Master Faster”


Back to the power of stress…

What stresses you out?

Most of us likely immediately think of emotional and psychological stress… like problems with your job, your relationships, and your finances.


But what about “good” stress?

The first example that comes to my mind is physical exercise. In the “right’ amount, exercise can make us more healthy and strong. But too little or too much can do more harm than good.

Ice Bath
Ice Bath

Are you “civilized to death”?

Somebody mentioned this during our biohacking meetup and I thought it was a brilliant expression for what’s happening to people in our modern world of ever-increasing convenience.

If you follow biohacking, you probably understand what this means. Regardless, rather than focus on the problem of over-civilization, I’ll turn to Arthur Haines for 10 steps to better health – by “rewilding” yourself.


Are you getting chronic or acute stress?

Both! We all get both chronic and acute stress in our lives. Exercise is a good example of an acute stress, while anxiety can be an example of chronic stress.


What are other stressors?

Extreme cold and heat cause stress on your body. If you experience too much, your life could be in danger. Conversely, if you get too little of either extreme, your body likely will be less resilient (when you face any kind of stress in your life).


Finally, there’s one stressor I recommend for everyone (in the right amount of course), and that is: fasting (and its MANY benefits). I recently completed my first dry fast and shared my experience dry fasting for 36 hours here.


What is “VIP Fearless Business Coaching”?

This was 4 hours of energizing, inspirational coaching by the talented Jeremy Ginsburg in which he led me through meditation, journaling, breathwork, an ice bath and more.

Overall it was an amazing experience. It’s coaching like I’ve never experienced. And, as a certified Bulletproof and Human Potential Coach, I have worked with quite a few coaches!

Over the years I’ve taken what I’ve learned and liked from other coaches and now offer it as part of my private coaching. If you’re interested in learning more (and reaching your Superhuman Potential), send me a message.

Burn Fat & Boost Productivity - FASTER
Reach Your Superhuman Potential


Biohacking Social #9

Biohackers Chiang Mai - Biohacking Social 9
Biohackers Chiang Mai – Biohacking Social 9

Are you being “civilized to death”?

During the Biohackers Chiang Mai Biohacking Social, we touched on a LOT of different biohacking topics during our meetup, from over-civilization to micro-dosing, and MANY topics in between.


Is keto REALLY good for your brain?

A recent “study found no evidence that three weeks of sustained nutritional ketosis had a discernable impact on either speed or accuracy of responses in standardized testing of vigilance, visual learning and
memory, working memory, and executive function in a sample of healthy adults. Only the processing speed during a visual attention task was found to be slightly slower after the ketogenic diet. Sleep and mood were unchanged.” – examine.com

As for me, I’ve experienced eating a lot of carbs slowing me down and conversely low carb / keto help sustaining my energy levels. But I personally don’t notice enough of a benefit to go strictly keto.

In fact, I think cutting carbs also cut my libido. However, I was doing weekly cycling for about 2 months… so I don’t know what would have happened longer-term. Evidence shows this dip is common but that there’s likely a rebound and increase in sex drive when sticking with keto.

What about you…
What’s your experience with keto and brain function?


Is salt “good” or “bad” for you?

Avoid salt.

I’ve been hearing this WAY too much. And people really have no idea WHY salt might be bad for their health.

I’ll give you 2 perspectives to help you decide…

“A reduction of 100 mmol per day of sodium equates to lowering salt intake by roughly one teaspoon per day. This small dietary modification has been repeatedly shown to lower blood pressure among people with
hypertension. This may not only lower cardiovascular disease risk, but other diseases associated with high blood pressure, such as chronic kidney disease.” – examine.com

“Though some studies do suggest that restricting salt can lower blood pressure, the evidence supporting a connection between salt intake and cardiovascular disease is weak at best. What’s more, some evidence suggests that restricting salt too much may be harmful to our health.”

As for me, I take about half a teaspoon of salt in the morning – with water, and lime or cider vinegar. Why?

“The salt improves digestion and optimizes cortisol levels throughout the day- giving you higher energy in the morning, steadier energy throughout the day, and lower energy right as you’re getting ready to sleep at night. The lime juice, according to Poliquin, has an alkalyzing effect that improves energy metabolism.”

I also make a point to add high quality sea / pink himalayan salt to my food to make sure I’m getting more of its important minerals and electrolytes in my diet.

What about you… do you avoid salt or add it?


Is Omega 3 “good” or “bad” for you?

Good question. As with just about everything, the answer to this question isn’t simple. As Matt Blackburn suggests:

The common person would classify omega-3s as “healthy fats”, omega-6s as “bad fats” and saturated fat as something to avoid or limit. The reality is the exact opposite! ⁣

Unsaturated fats are long chains with multiple double bonds that don’t contain as many hydrogen atoms as saturated fats. ⁣

What does this mean in English? They are more prone to oxidation, especially inside the body! It doesn’t matter how preserved an omega-3 is when it gets inside a body full of heat, oxygen and iron!⁣

It’s called lipid peroxidation folks! The chain reaction creates cancer-causing by-products such as acrolein and causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, aging, depression, anxiety, fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, skin conditions, and autoimmune disorders! It is the unspoken poison because it is a multi billion dollar industry! ⁣

In order of worst to best: highly unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3s) -> polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3s and 6s) -> monounsaturated fat (olives, avocado) -> saturated fat -> cholesterol⁣

We have been taught to fear animal fats and praise the fats in nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and soy. The fact is that these foods are cheap to produce and do not support human health, let alone a growing baby! The fats inside them, when consumed without the hydrogen-rich fats found in animal foods, cause and exacerbate every disease known to man!

I was weary of fish oils because of the likelihood of oxidation. However, Matt is telling us that even fresh Omega 3s aren’t good for us. Go figure!

What do you think about omega 3s?


Are you missing something?

Yes! You are missing something; that is if you haven’t read the last newsletter about easy living, biohacking, water, sleep, keto and fasting, be sure to check it out.


Do you want detox and become a “Master Faster”?

Although keto is the craze these days for the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST (dietary) approach to achieve your health goals – to cleanse & detox your body while burning fat.

Fasting burns fat.
Fasting detoxes and burns fat.

If you’re interested in learning all of the amazing benefits of fasting – and experiencing those benefits for yourself, let me know and you can join the next Master Faster Detox Challenge.


What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with stress, coaching, biohacking, keto, salt and omega 3s?

Leave a comment and let me know.



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