This is one of my personal favorite questions to answer – and to experiment with:

Can you exercise while fasting?

The answer may surprise you and you’ll get to it soon. But first…

What is fasting, intermittent fasting, what are the benefits, is fasting even safe, and can you drink coffee while fasting?

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Back to the question…

Can you exercise while fasting?

In one word: YES.

Of course you can exercise while fasting!

But, perhaps a better question to ask is:

What kind of exercise can you do while fasting?

And, to answer this question, you’ll want to understand what is meant by exercise…

Jason Ryer Deadlift
What’s the difference between “movement” and “exercise”?
When you move, you’re staying active – meaning that you’re not sitting or standing in the same place.
Alternatively, exercise is some activity for a specific health result – to get stronger, for example, so that you are more resilient when physical challenges arise.
While fasting – and in daily life in general – you are encouraged to move around a lot. This can be as simple as walking around.
You can also move faster and do some jogging, cycling and swimming.
You may even want to do some high intensity exercise like sprinting or lifting weights. This is where you’ll want to make sure you have enough energy.
Tune in to your body.
If you’re fasting for more than 24 hours and you’re not eating a significant amount during the day it may be better for you to take it easier and lay off the intense exercise.
At least that’s been my personal experience. I tried doing some high intensity training on the first day of a three day fast and my muscles were sore for a few days after. It seemed like I didn’t get enough food to allow my body to repair, recover and grow.
So you’ll want to listen to your body as much as possible when fasting. In general movement is encouraged and low intensity exercise generally works well while fasting. However, high intensity exercise like weight and resistance training may not work as well.
Experiment with it.
The best way to find out is to experiment a little bit. You can get up and walk around at least every hour while fasting (and when you’re not fasting). Then maybe try something a little more intense like push ups, pull ups and sit ups during a shorter intermittent fast.
If that works well, then you can try pushing yourself a little more the next time. If you think it was too much of course you can dial things back the next time you fast.
How movement and fasting work together…
The benefit you get from exercise is that you will boost many of the positive effects of fasting by increasing both autophagy and fat burning…that is lipolysis by way of ketosis, as well as cell cleanup by way of autophagy.
How can you find the “right” amount of exercise for yourself during fasting?


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Will you lose muscle while fasting?

Maintaining and building muscle is one of my biggest interests when it comes to fasting so it’s something I like to experiment with while fasting.

You’ll learn more about maintaining and building muscle while fasting soon.

That is, when you read the next update. Stay tuned…

What exercises do YOU do while fasting?

Leave a comment and let us know below…

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