When you fast, does that mean you’re starving your body?

This is a common and important question to ask – and you might be surprised by the answer.

Fasting has many benefits.

In the last update you learned about many of the amazing benefits of fasting.

In this brief update you’ll get an answer to the question:

Does fasting mean you’re starving?

Fasting is NOT a diet.

In the last update you learned that fasting is not a diet. It’s not about WHAT you eat. It’s about WHEN you eat (or don’t eat – and fast).

Do you confuse fasting with starving?

Unfortunately many people confuse fasting with starving. There is a minor yet very important distinction between the two terms.

Fasting is voluntary.

Probably the most important point to make is that fasting is voluntary while starving is not voluntary. I’m willing to guess that everyone reading this will never spend a day in their lives starving. Why?

Food is everywhere.

You have access to food all around you – and pretty much all of the time. As long as this is the case, you will never starve.

But aren’t the effects of fasting and starving the same?

Biologically, the effects are about the same. However, there is a term called “starvation mode” that implies that, when you are fasting or starving that your metabolism slows down.

You have control over your metabolism when you fast.

Yes, when you go without food, your body will slow down to conserve energy. However, when you start eating again your metabolism will rebound. Not only that, you will likely have boosted fat burning, cell clean-up (detox via autophagy), and growth hormone (making you STRONGER).

Find the right amount of fasting for YOU.

So, when it comes to fasting, you’ll want to find the right amount of fasting to achieve your health goals. How do you find the right amount of fasting for you?


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What is Intermittent Fasting?

This term is used without really understanding what it means…and this is something you’ll learn in the next update. Stay tuned…

What do YOU think about fasting and starvation?

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