Can taurine help you burn fat?

If you look beyond the pretty marketing, you may have seen that the Red Bull energy drink contains an ingredient called “taurine”.

A new study looked at how taurine affects body weight and has some very interesting results.

You’ll learn more about burning fat with taurine soon enough. But first…


Here’s what’s in this update:

[+] Burn Fat with Taurine

[+] Island Life

[+] Articles: Apples, Eggs, Cereal, Carbs and IF

[+] Thanksgiving in April?!

[+] What’s the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

[+] How can you achieve your goals – FASTER?


Back to Burning Fat with Taurine…

Honestly this study surprised me.

Food vs Exercise for Fat Loss

I help people with weight loss and would say that you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.

That is, if you want to lose weight, you may want to focus less on exercise and more on the food you eat.

Exercise to Burn Fat (with Taurine!)

However, in this study, they looked at not just how exercise can affect fat loss; but they also had the people supplement with taurine.

The result? Fat burning increased by 40%! (With 6 grams of taurine.)

Focus on Food (or Fasting!)

That’s great news if you want to increase the fat burning effects you get from exercise.


I still think that food is much more important for weight and overall health!


Island Life

It’s my third year and my third time dealing with the intense smoke in northern Thailand.

This year I finally escaped the smoke in Chiang Mai and made it to the southern islands of Thailand.

It’s been really nice to take a break from the smoke and get some quality time exploring some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery of my life.

I think maybe I should move here permanently!


In the News

You already learned about the fat burning benefits of taurine when combined with exercise.

Now on to some other health news that caught my eye…


An Apple a Day…

…keeps the doctor away.

That’s what we generally hear.

But a new study looked at people with so-called “apple-shaped” bodies and, to nobody’s surprise, they found that these people tend to have more health problems than others.

Basically, the bigger your waist, the less time you have on earth.


Which is healthier: Egg or Cereal?

Again, I’m surprised at this point we need a study on this but here goes…

If you go for the egg breakfast over the cereal, you’ll have less hunger and thus eat less throughout the day.

Common sense, right?

Yes but… When I look at the study, I see the egg breakfast included: 2 eggs with 2 slices of toast and 10 grams of margarine.

Please don’t misinterpret this study and think that toast with margarine is healthy. It isn’t. Margarine is one of the most inflammatory things you can put in your body. And toast will chip away at your gut lining leading to assortment of digestive and related issues.


Do carbs make you fat?

This is an interesting study because the answer to this was YES.


The people who gained weight from carbs were women.

These were so-called “starchy carbs” and it’s interesting that women are better at digesting these carbs and converting them to fat.


Fasting 14 Hours Lowers Weight and Glucose

This studied showed that people fasting for 14 hours lost more weight than those fasting for just 12 hours.

(Body weight decreased by 8.5% in the 14:10 group and 7.1% in the 12:12 group.)

However, when I read more about the study I see that they gave the 14:10 group a 200 calorie “fasting snack” just 12 hours after their fast 5 days per week.

I have no idea why they would give a snack 2 hours before you officially break your fast. Regardless, they lost more weight!


Thanksgiving in March?!

Are you missing something?

Yes! You are missing something; that is if you haven’t read the last newsletter, click to learn more about mobility, health – and much more!


What is the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

Although keto is the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST approach to LOSE WEIGHT and achieve your health goals.

The problem is that people don’t understand how to make fasting work for them. They may do it in a harmful way that causes MORE health problems.

I’ll show you how to incorporate fasting in your life – in a way that’s simple, effective and healthy. If you want to finally achieve and maintain your weight loss goals, join the

5-day FAST Weight Loss Challenge

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How can you achieve your goals – FASTER?

What if I told you there’s a way to not only clarify your challenges and life goals; but that you can achieve those goals MUCH fasterAs a former Biohacker Tech at Bulletproof Upgrade Labs and a certified BULLETPROOF Human Potential Coach, I help people like you clarify and achieve their goals – and fast.

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What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with taurine, islands, carbs, apples, eggs, cereal, weight loss and fasting?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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