Can you lose weight by changing your breath?

Based on my experiences teaching breathwork while applying my knowledge helping people with their weight and stress, I unequivocally say,

“Yes, changing your breath can help you lose weight.”.

But, rather than stopping there, I decided to uncover the mechanisms based on my knowledge and expertise, and then do some research to see if my hypothesis holds true.

You’ll learn more about Breathing for Weight Loss soon enough. But first…


Here’s what’s in this update:

[+] Breathing for Weight Loss

[+] How to Lose Weight during Thanksgiving

[+] Catching Mice, Lifting Weights, Semi-fasted Workouts

[+] Eat Fat to Burn Fat, Exercise for Weight Loss, Frozen Shoulder and more…

[+] Reduce stress, increase immunity and feel amazing

[+] The SIMPLEST way to lose weight

[+] Achieve your goals – faster


Back to Breathing for Weight Loss…

Change your breath to lose weight

I’ve researched, experienced and taught how simple acts of breathing can help people

[+] reduce stress to calm,

[+] ward off disease with increased immunity, and

[+] leave them feeling amazing.


How does this work?

On the surface, it seems fairly simple to me. When you calm your body, you lower your stress hormones (like adrenaline and cortisol) that, when elevated, keep your body from using its fat stores.


3 Breathing Problems

Diving deeper into this based on the works of Dr Buteyko and then Patrick McKeown, we find that overweight people tend to

(1) take in bigger breaths,

(2) breathe through their mouths, and

(3) breathe from the chest.

These problems negatively impact the amount of oxygen in your blood. When these three problems are addressed, people often find it much easier to lose weight.


Maintain a healthy pH

The pH of your blood is tightly regulated and influenced by both oxygen (alkaline) and carbon dioxide (acidic).

When your blood pH levels are too low (acidic) you might feel tired, fatigued, and lethargic. It may not come as a surprise to find that overly processed and sugary foods are acidic and may be further exacerbating the problem.


Breathwork gives you more oxygen.

Beyond breathing properly on a regular basis to improve weight and health, the practice of so-called “breathwork” can also improve weight and health markers.

Breathwork Zen Strength
Breathwork Zen Strength


Are you getting enough oxygen?

Unfortunately most people do not get enough oxygen throughout the body due to stress, poor environment or even toxins.

When you do a form of hyperventilation popularized by Wim Hof, you will be hyper-oxygenating the body thereby sending oxygen to the cells. This can help your body burn fat, improve blood circulation and even tone abdominal muscles.

Keep reading to find out below how you can experience breathwork and its many benefits yourself.


Lose Weight during Thanksgiving

Preparing for Thanksgiving in Thailand

Thanksgiving is coming soon and, although it won’t be near the same as being at home with family, we’re hosting dinner again here in Chiang Mai.

But instead of one big (and expensive!) turkey, we’re going to prepare many small birds: partridge.


How do you lose weight during Thanksgiving?

I was thinking about writing an article about what to eat, biohacks you can implement, and more. But then it struck me…

There’s ONE simple thing you can do to lose weight during Thanksgiving.


You can fast.

I don’t mean that you skip eating your Thanksgiving feast. Not at all. You still feast with family.

But you simply make Thanksgiving your One Meal A Day (OMAD). Knowing that people commonly eat at about 4pm, this is the time for you to break your fast. Give yourself about 2 hours – in this case until 6pm to finish eating.


You can biohack your feast.

You can also do things like starting with the most satiating foods first by eating turkey first. You could minimize carbs. You could take MCT oil. You could take activated charcoal. And so on.


Catching Mice, Lifting Weights, Semi-fasted Workouts

Catching Mice

I finally caught a mouse! We occasionally hear them scampering around in the attic in our house. So months ago I set some traps (breaking my foot through and nearly falling through the ceiling!) in an effort to catch them.

But after a few weeks of climbing into the attic to check and reset traps, they were still empty. So I gave up.

We’re now preparing our small house to host events and sell products and, because of the urine odor, I decided to set the traps in there. And on the second night we got one!


Lifting Weights

I’m back in the gym about once a week lifting weights both to build more strength and to measure my progress. Some injuries to my finger, elbow and shoulder have kept me away for while so I’m planning to heal while I get stronger.

Semi-fasted FitDeck

Semi-fasted FitDeck
Semi-fasted FitDeck

Also on the exercise front, I’m back to doing the occasional biohacked semi-fasted workout. I’ll drink my morning Bulletproof coffee, and then take a combination of ketones and essential amino acids about 30 minute before doing a quick workout to give me a quick hit of energy.

Then I feast!


Eat Fat to Burn Fat, Exercise for Weight Loss, Frozen Shoulder and more…

Are you missing something?

Yes! You are missing something; that is if you haven’t read the last newsletter, click to learn more about Eat Fat to Burn Fat, Exercise for Weight Loss, Frozen Shoulder and more!


How do you reduce stress, increase immunity and feel amazing?

Do you experience anger, anxiety, pain, depression, grief, or stress?

How can you increase immunity, improve relationships, process emotions, and better understand yourself, all while boosting creativity, confidence and happiness?


Breathwork. That’s right. You can use the simple power of your breath to improve your health and wellbeing when you join one of our live events.


What is the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

Although keto is the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST approach to LOSE WEIGHT and achieve your health goals.

Fasting burns fat.
Fasting burns fat.

If you’re interested in learning the amazing benefits of fasting – and experiencing those benefits for yourself – I’m giving you a special promotional offer ($100 off) for my upcoming Fasting for Weight Loss Challenge.

To qualify for this discount, simply send me a message and let me know that you’re interested. We’ll set up a call to make sure you’re a good fit for the challenge and, if so, you’ll soon be on your way to weight loss – and lifelong health!


How can you achieve your goals – FASTER?

What if I told you there’s a way to not only clarify your challenges and life goals; but that you can achieve those goals MUCH faster?

Bulletproof Human Potential Coach

As a former Biohacker Tech at Bulletproof Upgrade Labs and a certified Bulletproof Human Potential Coach, I help people like you clarify and achieve their goals – and fast.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I can help you clarify and achieve your goals faster, send me a message so that we can set up a call to find out if you might be a good fit.


What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with Breathing for Weight Loss,  Losing Weight during Thanksgiving, Catching Mice, Lifting Weights, and Semi-fasted Workouts?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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