One of the top Health and Fitness apps for iOS is an app called Aaptiv. In this brief overview, I’ll let you know what the app is, what it does, what people are saying and if it’s the right app for you.

What is Aaptiv – on one sentence?

It’s an audio repository of hundreds of guided cardio, strength and meditative exercises.


What does Aaptiv do?

In short, Aaptiv tells YOU what to do. You pick the workout – cardio, strength, yoga, meditation, stretching, etc – and the instructor tells you what to do.

Aaptiv is self-proclaimed as the number one audio fitness app. And I can’t argue with that because they’re currently number three out of all Health and Fitness apps.


What’s my opinion on the Aaptiv app?

I just downloaded it, signed up, agreed to the $10 monthly fee and tried out a couple of exercises.

Here’s what I liked:

  • There’s a good variety of workouts to choose from.
  • The instructors were clear and motivating.
  • There was good music in the background – just like being in a real fitness studio.
  • You can do the exercises just about anywhere I take my phone.
  • You can filter the exercises based on duration, trainers, and level. This makes finding the right workout easier. I used the filter to find the shortest workouts available.
  • They have meditations. For me this is a huge bonus and, unlike many of the exercises in the app, something I think works very well for audio.

What I think could be better:

  • Some things are just better with video. Despite being a fitness fanatic all my life, I simply could not fully visualize and comprehend how to do a couple of the exercises. I suppose I would need to look them up on YouTube to learn them, practice them, and then come back to them in the app.
  • Aaptiv counts calories. This isn’t a bad thing but… I thought we had mostly gone beyond the idea that counting calories is the right measure for the results you want. If counting calories works for you, this is obviously a good feature.


Is Aaptive the right app for you?

I think it has a ton of great content. In fact, I would recommend this to my coaching clients if they’re looking for an app to help guide them through their workouts. (But I’d more likely first give my own suggestions for workouts that will give them the most return on their investment.)

So, yes, I think Aaptiv is definitely worth a try. If you don’t like it – or you stop using it – just be sure to cancel your membership so that you don’t get charged!


Aaptiv reviews:

5.0 Stars – “Fantastic suite of guided workouts. This app took me from being someone who runs once a week, to running every day. I haven’t looked this amazing in years. The coaches are fantastic!”

3.0 Stars – “I like Aaptiv because it’s having a coach in your ear giving you direction and motivating you. I’ve enjoyed the music and Coachella in all the sessions I have done. The reasons I may not renew my subscription are: 1. There is no preview of the upcoming workout. Sometimes I’d end up doing a workout that was way too easy and I had to modify it to make it harder or vice versa. 2. If you don’t know the names of the moves there’s no pictures or videos of the correct way to do them. They do describe what they are looking for but sometimes I had to go to YouTube for some direction.”

5.0 Stars – “I have never been one to get a good workout in unless i take a class… but this app has change that!! Or I’ll take my usually class at the gym then use the app to get extra in like walking, stretching, jump on the treadmill for more cardio or get core work in. It been great helping me get extra work in! And there music is great!”


Your thoughts:

What do you think about the Aaptiv app? Leave a comment and let us know!

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