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What does my workout schedule look like?

It’s pretty simple – but it incorporates a variety of workouts based on evidence that they actually work. That is, they give me the best ROI for muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, maintenance of ideal ratios of strength and muscle mass (better than”toned”: think strength without bulk), cardiovascular fitness (for longevity), mitochondrial biogenesis (for energy), optimized fat burning, metabolic efficiency, blood sugar control, and stamina.

Essentially, the protocol I follow will help me both look good naked and live a long time – free of many health problems that many people face these days. Oh, and it may be worth mentioning that, at 42 years old, I still see very few friends (even in their 20s) who can keep up with me when I mountain bike, snowboard, play basketball, etc. So it’s also good for your ego 😉

First, if you haven’t yet read about the Zen Strength Holy Grail of Fitness, then be sure to check it out before you dive into a sample schedule.

Here’s my current schedule:


  • Tabata
  • Heavy Weights


  • 7 Minutes Workout

Thursday (each every other week)

  • VO2 Max
  • Sprints


  • Tabata

That’s pretty much it for my weekly routine that I try to stick to. If I miss a workout I may make up for it the next day – or just wait until it comes up on my schedule again the next time.

I also often get out and walk around the neighborhood, perhaps a couple of times a day. I use my pomodoro timer to make sure I get up and move around during the day – rather than sitting for hours at a time. And my main mode of transportation is bicycle so I would guess that I put in 10-30 miles per week cruising around town. I’ll go on a hike every once in a while, as well as a yoga session here and there. So, as you can see, I mix things up a bit.

What do you do? How have you incorporated Zen Strength’s Holy Grail of Fitness into your life?

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