A Dive into Wellness, Connection, and Courage in Chiang Mai

On a beautiful morning at Alt_Chiangmai, a group of individuals – intrigued by the possibilities of increased focus, enhanced energy, and optimal recovery – gathered for a unique experience. The reason? The Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Bath Workshop, a space where wellness enthusiasts meet to challenge themselves and boost their well-being.

Every participant came with their unique reason to join, creating a diverse tapestry of motivations. Some sought an edge in their rigorous Muay Thai training; others looked to increase their focus or boost their energy. Regardless of the reason, all attendees were united by a curiosity about the potent combination of breathwork and cold exposure.

Before immersing ourselves in the chilling depths of the ice bath, we started with our Zen Strength breathwork routine. This practice, which can seem unusual at first, is designed to energize, improve blood flow and oxygenation, and induce a calm and meditative state. One participant, reflecting on her breathwork experience, voiced how wonderful she felt and inquired about how to incorporate this practice into her daily routine. That’s the power of breathwork – it not only prepares us for the cold but also provides standalone benefits that can enhance our everyday lives.

The breathwork was just the beginning. With our bodies primed and our minds calm, we stepped into the 6-degree ice bath. Here, the real magic happened. Facing the initial shock of the cold, each participant courageously navigated through their personal barriers, encouraging and inspiring each other in the process.

What’s incredible about this workshop is that the cold doesn’t just affect the body – it affects the community. The challenging, shared experience of the ice bath strengthens existing bonds and helps form new ones.

The experience left us all feeling energized and rejuvenated, thanks to the combined power of breathwork and cold exposure. This unique combination unlocks a multitude of benefits – from enhancing focus and energy levels to boosting immune response and aiding in recovery.

New friendships were formed, existing ones were strengthened, and each of us left with a shared sense of achievement and well-being. At the Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Bath workshop, we’re not just stepping into the cold; we’re stepping into a community, into wellness, and into our strength.

We look forward to welcoming more of you into this space of challenge and growth.

Keep breathing, keep diving, and keep exploring your strength!

Jason Ryer & The Zen Strength Team

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