Are you looking for a better grind for your coffee?

Perhaps you have one of those old-school blade coffee grinders that doesn’t really allow you to grind your beans as consistently as you would like?

And, perhaps like me, you like to french press your coffee and thus need your grounds to be a bit larger than you get with your current grinder?

Perhaps you’ve looked at your options and have seen that what you want is a ceramic burr grinder. However, if you want one that works well, you’ve also seen that you’re going to pay a pretty penny – like a few hundred dollars.

What’s the solution?

In my search for the right ceramic burr grinder, I saw that I could get a hand grinder for a fraction of the price I would pay for a good electric-powered ceramic burr grinder. And I also saw that, unless I forked out a lot of money, I was not going to get a high quality electric grinder.

The answer: a portable, manual hand ceramic burr coffee bean grinder

Yep, it’s a mouthful. But I loved the idea of its simplicity when I ordered it.

Then I liked it enough that I ordered another one for my girlfriend. And when I did, I found the one you see above. It has the best reviews on Amazon and comes with some nice accessories that I didn’t see in the others. Click the link to check it out.

Oh, and I also noticed the added bonus of not waking up the neighbors when I use the manual grinder. When you run an electric coffee grinder in the morning, it’s going to make a lot of noise!

Furthermore, I enjoy the meditative process of brewing my coffee in the morning and part of that now entails hand grinding my coffee beans. (However, I would guess that, with an electric grinder, you save a minute or 2 over the manual hand grinder. I’ll let you do the math to extrapolate the amount time lost of your lifetime 😉

Manual Coffee Grinder, HOMETEK Premium Ceramic Burr Spice Mill, Precise Stainless Steel, Aeropress Compatible, Consistent Grind for Perfect Fresh Coffee

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