What is OMAD – and what does the evidence show us on weight loss and health?

You’ll learn more about OMAD for weight loss soon enough. But first…


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[+] How can you achieve your goals – FASTER?


Back to OMAD for Weight Loss…

I’m seeing more and more reports on fasting and its many effects on health.

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Spoiler alert: If you’re interested in losing weight, I have good news for you. Fasting works! That is, one of the many health benefits offered by fasting is weight loss. It’s a no-brainer, really. If you stop eating, you will lose weight.

The better question is:


How long do you need to go without food to reach your health goals?

Although the fasting program du jour seems to be 16:8, we really don’t know for certain what’s the “right” amount of fasting.


What is OMAD?

It stands for “one meal a day” and is a form of daily time restricted eating that’s gaining popularity.

As the name suggests, you simply eat one meal during the day. OMAD is the longest choice on offer when it comes to daily time restricted eating.

That is, if you go without food all day, you’re beyond time restricted eating and now wandering into the territory of multi-day fasting. That’s a (very interesting!) topic for another day.

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What are the benefits of OMAD?

It’s simple. Just one meal. Easy, right? Wrong. In our modern world of excess (irresistible franken-) food and marketing, sticking to just one meal a day can be a serious challenge for many of us.

But it will simplify your life in many ways. You just have one meal to choose and one time to eat it. You’ll save time if you’re used to eating more than one meal a day. You’ll save money unless you manage to eat just as much food that you’d eat in an entire day at one meal.


Then there are the reported health benefits based on the scientific literature:

Lower insulin and blood glucose, as well as less body fat

…leading to less insulin resistance and lower weight. [ref]

And then there are all the other reported benefits from fasting – like better mood, mental clarity, energy, and so on…

[ Read the 21 surprising benefits of fasting here. ]


What are the risks of OMAD?

Interestingly, the same report referenced above also showed increases in total cholesterol and no change in blood pressure or triglycerides. By now I think it’s safe to say that cholesterol is not the culprit when it comes to health problems.

I’m surprised about blood pressure not changing on OMAD because my students do less than OMAD during our 4-week masterclass and see their blood pressure drop.

Like everything in life, fasting doesn’t come without risks. You want to make sure you’re fasting in a healthy way.

If you overdo it, you’ll wind up messing up your hormones. This is more problematic for women because of their cycles. And perhaps anyone who is overly stressed (with elevated stress hormones).

I think you’re better off mixing things up when you fast. Rather than doing OMAD (or whatever time you choose) every day, you should do it intermittently. That means some days you fast more and other days you fast less.


Find your fasting sweet spot.

I often tell my students and clients to look at fasting on a weekly basis. If your goal is to lose weight, 5-6 days of the week should be spent eating LESS. And the other 1-2 days eating MORE (ideally on training days).


Friday is Fast Day

I’ve been designating Fridays as my fast days. I set out to do 24 hours from mid-day Friday to mid-day Saturday.

Some days I didn’t quite make it but figured I was close enough at like 23 hours because it was time for lunch!

And the last 2 Fridays I’ve gone much longer with the latest just over 40 hours because I didn’t eat anything on Friday and broke my fast on Saturday.

I’m also still generally doing semi-fasted workouts on most days with a Bulletproof drink in the morning and sometimes some ketones and essential amino acids pre-workout. I then do a quick HIT workout and feast after!


How do you Biohack Weight Loss?

Are you missing something?

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What is the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

Although keto is the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST approach to LOSE WEIGHT and achieve your health goals.

Fasting for Weight Loss Course

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What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with weight loss, OMAD and fasting?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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