Gaia Ashram Ecovillage
Gaia Ashram Ecovillage

Have you ever imagined or dreamed of living an alternative or different life than the one you live now? One that makes living extremely simple? A life that gets you back in touch with nature?

I finally embarked on this journey in my life and am surprised at what I’m seeing, experiencing and learning. I’d like to share this wisdom with you – so that you get an understanding of this vision of a romanticized lifestyle that many people often dream of.

My reason for doing this is very selfish in a way because I simply want to do this to improve my own life. However, my mission is to take this further – to other people like you… so that you too can re-unite with nature – and better health.

Jason Ryer’s Vision near Paonia Colorado
Jason Ryer’s Vision near Paonia Colorado

My vision is to live in such a community that is in harmony with nature. I imagine a place on the Western Slope of Colorado where the snow capped peaks turn to thick evergreen forest, then to scrub oak, and finally give way to desert landscapes where you find organic farms.

You may be wondering why the hell I’m in Thailand when I envision living in Colorado. Good question! And the answer is simple. I came to Thailand for a vacation with friends. And I decided that, if I was going to fly halfway around the world to a new place that I’ve been wanting to explore anyway, I might as well stay for a while.

Gaia Group Photo

So I bought a one-way ticket…then purged some things, packed up the little I had left and moved it from LA to my parents’ basement in Colorado. (Thank you, Mom and Dad. I love you guys! Come visit me!)

Here I am in Thailand recounting my experience thus far after just over a month….

What will you learn in these short messages?

Of course you’ll learn about my experiences. Including:

[+] Ecovillages, Intentional Communities and Ecoliving
[+] My Daily Routine
[+] Ecoliving; Doing away with “away”
[+] Ecoliving and Fasting
[+] Permaculture, Gardening and Alley Cropping
[+] Attack of the Killer Mosquitos
[+] Why is Vegan and Vegetarian Still a Thing?
[+] Natural Building
[+] Composting
[+] Disaster Pants
[+] Other Stuff: Straw and Soybeans
[+] Ecoliving: How We All “Get Along”
[+] How to Optimize Ecoliving Health
[+] and more…

Gaia Ashram Ecovillage

Gaia: Simplify Your Life

So. Hello and welcome to a mini-series of (mini) articles on my experiences living and working at the Gaia Ashram ecovillage in Thailand.

In the next message you’ll learn what this ecovillage life is all about. Stay tuned.

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