How did we get into the business of selling beef jerky?

It actually started with the shutdown of businesses from the spread of the novel Coronavirus and COVID-19. (I’m tired of seeing those words!)

I talked to Amphika about the idea of starting something and we were both (cautiously) excited…

Businesses were closing their doors.

After seeing so many businesses and places close, I was wondering if there was a better alternative.

Here in Thailand, online shopping is not very common making it challenging (for me at least!) to find and buy products.

An online farmers market?

The initial business idea was an online farmers market – where people could connect with farmers online and buy their products.

I still really like the idea – but it seemed quite challenging to implement.

Furthermore, it didn’t seem like a big problem since people can still get their organic products at the grocery store.

Start with simple market research.

I started by talking to people in the community. Fellow foreigners (called “farang” by the local Thai people) – biohackers, keto dieters, digital nomads, and other health-conscious people in Chiang Mai. 

We went back and forth on different ideas. As I talked to people over the next few weeks, I thought I had some great ideas. Then we would poke holes in them and think they weren’t so good.

What were people’s problems and frustrations?

After a while, I wasn’t sure about what to do, so I grabbed some beef jerky that Amphika made, sat down at my desk, and looked back at the data we collected.

Here were the big problems: 

  • Many people said that high quality food was either hard to find or hard to trust.
  • Some people said they spent too much time preparing food.
  • And now getting high quality food is a bit more difficult with the Coronavirus situation.

I looked deeper at the problem of finding quality food:

  • It’s either not organic or organic isn’t trusted.
  • It has too much sugar.
  • It’s overly processed – especially with refined vegetable oils.
  • It comes from factory-farmed animals.

As a health and wellness practitioner, I understand that these things make foods pro-inflammatory so you feel tired, weak, and distracted (aka brain fog) when you eat them. 

Furthermore over time eating these foods leads to chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.

What’s the solution?

Based on our research, people wanted high quality, healthy foods that are delicious and satiating.

Put simply, they want

High-quality, healthy and filling food that’s ready to eat.

…so that they feel Healthy, Satiated and Happy…

…with the peace of mind that it’s high quality food…

…that is Nutritious, Delicious, and truly Healthy.

…and then it hit me. The solution was right there in my hand – and in my mouth:

Beef Jerky!

That’s what we came up with: Grass-fed Dry Beef Jerky

Better than organic, it’s 

Home-made artisan beef jerky from pastured, grass-fed cows in New Zealand.

Because it’s from healthy, happy cows roaming open pastures in New Zealand

  • The cows aren’t confined to stand in their own urine and shit.
  • They aren’t sick and given antibiotics prophylactically.
  • They don’t destroy the soil.

You reap the benefits of better nutrition with

  • more omega 3s, 
  • conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), 
  • carotenoids – for more flavor

Because it is dried beef, it’s ready to eat – and lasts a long time.

Why are you the “healthy farang”?

“Farang” in Thailand colloquially refers to white-skinned foreigners.

The true meaning of farang is guava – hence our logo taking advantage of the double meaning.

Discover healthy products, places and practices in Thailand.

This is our goal… so that people can more easily lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

Here’s the link to

More about us…

Who are we?

Hi I’m Jason Ryer, the “healthy farang”. I want to help people discover Thailand’s healthiest products, places and practices.

Healthy Farang

We live in Chiang Mai in a place called “Zen Strength”, an Eco-Health playground with a mission to help re-unite people with nature – and better health.

Jason Ryer & Amphika Masanong
Jason Ryer & Amphika Masanong

Born and raised in Chiang Mai, Amphika is a budding entrepreneur in the tourist industry with over 7 years of experience building and working for a local tour operator.

She offers:

[+] Healthy Thai Cooking Classes
[+] Treks to nearby Waterfalls
[+] Historic Temple Tours

Jason Ryer is a

  • certified Bulletproof and Human Potential Coach
  • helping business leaders go from tired, fat and distracted
  • – to energetic, strong, and focused.

Jason leads and runs a few other meetups and events:

Jason also offers online courses – currently the Master Faster Detox challenge.

Find out more at

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