Throughout my health and fasting journey, I had experimented with various fasting methods, including water fasting and intermittent fasting. While I believed in the healing power of water fasting, I was initially hesitant about trying the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD). However, after learning more about it and hearing about its benefits from fellow health professionals, I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that this experience would change my perspective and provide me with a newfound understanding of the importance of even energy levels during fasting.

Discovering the Fasting Mimicking Diet:

It was through a group led by a fellow coach and nutritionist, Kali Harmen, that I first became acquainted with the Fasting Mimicking Diet. Intrigued by the reported benefits and supported by my own research on Dr. Valter Longo‘s work and Patrick Holford‘s findings, I decided to delve deeper into the science behind this unique approach to fasting. Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, I embarked on my first FMD experience, eager to witness its impact on my energy levels and overall well-being.

Challenges and Surprising Benefits:

As I began the FMD, I encountered the challenge of preparing and cooking various healthy meals that adhered to the specific guidelines. However, I persevered, recognizing that the effort was worthwhile in order to experience the benefits. One of the most remarkable outcomes I noticed was the even energy I maintained throughout the fasting period. Unlike the energy slumps I had experienced with overeating on a modern diet or the lethargy that sometimes accompanied water fasting, the FMD provided me with a balanced and consistent level of energy. This newfound equilibrium allowed me to carry out my daily activities without feeling drained or experiencing significant drops in energy.

Becoming a Believer:

The positive impact of the Fasting Mimicking Diet on my energy levels left an indelible mark on my fasting journey. It solidified my belief in the power of this approach and its potential for rejuvenation. So convinced was I of its benefits that I not only incorporated the FMD into my personal routine but also made it a part of my teachings to help others unlock the rejuvenating rewards it offers.


My first experience with the Fasting Mimicking Diet introduced me to the concept of even energy during fasting. It demonstrated that fasting does not necessarily mean experiencing drastic energy fluctuations or periods of lethargy. The FMD allowed me to maintain steady energy levels throughout the fasting period, enabling me to function optimally and carry out my daily tasks with ease. This newfound understanding of the importance of balanced energy levels has influenced my approach to fasting and has inspired me to share the benefits of the FMD with others. Through my continued exploration and teachings, I hope to empower individuals to embrace fasting as a tool for rejuvenation and well-being.

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