You want to eat foods that

  • burn fat
  • build strength
  • boost energy

…while, at the same time

  • upgrade your mind, body and spirt
  • extend your life/health span
  • make you Bulletproof (anti-fragile / harder to kill)

The problem is that, with your modern environment of unhealthy (overly processed, pro-inflammatory) foods everywhere – along with too much (misleading) information, it’s nearly impossible to know and find which foods best support your health.


Do you go along with what Advertisers and the Media tell us?

What about Doctors? Nutritionists? Dietitians?

Unfortunately even the so-called experts get it wrong.


What about the popular diets?

Do you pick one of the (so-called “fad”) diets du jour like:

Keto, Plant-based, Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore, etc?

Again, although many of these diets work as advertised for weight loss, they’re largely missing the mark for overall life-long health. Furthermore, they can be far too restrictive and difficult to maintain over time.


What’s the solution?

There is no ONE solution that will work best for everyone. But there are some general guidelines and principles that do work for just about everyone.


1: Eat REAL Foods

What are real foods? They are your whole food sources from animals and plants including meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and some grains and seeds.



What are nutrient-dense foods? These are foods that are packed with the nutrients – fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals – that your body needs to thrive.

(These are foods that you will find in the YELLOW circle below.)


3: Eat CLEAN Foods

What are clean foods? These are foods low in the toxins and anti-nutrients that block nutrient absorption and promote inflammation – making you fat, weak and tired.

Clean foods are grass-fed, pastured, organic, wild-caught, biodynamic, lightly cooked or raw.

(These are foods that you will find in the GREEN circle below.)



As food shortages and rising food prices are upon us, it makes sense to forget about weight loss and instead focus on foods that are not only real, nutritious and clean, but also are full of energy.

What are energetic foods? These are foods that are HIGH IN CALORIES. Yes, you read that right. High calorie foods are now a priority – even for those who are struggling to lose weight. The paradox is that, when you eat real, energy-dense foods that are also clean and nutritious, you will lose fat.

(These are foods that you will find in the BLUE circle below.)

With that out of the way, I created a “roadmap” that shows you examples of exactly which foods you can eat to meat your needs.

Clean Nutrition Roadmap
Clean Nutrition Roadmap

After years of studying, experimenting and working with students and clients, I strongly believe that you want to focus on the foods in the middle of this roadmap.

These are examples of your “healthy foundation” foods that give you everything you need to thrive: energy and clean nutrition. Foods like:

  • liver
  • beef
  • salmon
  • avocado
  • coconut
  • squash
  • sweet potato
  • blackberry
  • raw milk


What about YOU?

What are your clean nutritious foods?

Leave a note, share and let us know!



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