Imagine this:

You’re distracted. Thinking about what to eat. What you’re doing later. What other people are up to. You’re energy is dropping. Maybe you need some food?


What if, instead:

You’re working through your morning with complete focus. You’re totally engaged with what you’re doing. You’re energized and productive. You feel good.

What if you could take something that does all of this and more – by making you physically stronger, burning fat faster and boosting testosterone?


What is this seemingly magical substance?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s the most popular and pervasive stimulant currently known to man (and woman!).

If you guessed caffeine then you guessed correctly.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant.

What if you took something that would add to the list: protective effects against cancer, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, depression?


What is that magical something?

I’ll give you another hint: It’s the beverage of choice in the United States.

If you guessed coffee then you guessed correctly.

Coffee contains caffeine which gives you that boost of energy. But coffee also contains a lot of other stuff. Like antioxidants that protect you from disease.

What if, then,  you could enhance and prolong all of these benefits…

…with even more focus, energy, productivity, strength and fat burning?

What would you add to your coffee?

Another hint: It’s been thought for many years as something that serves to clog our arteries and give us heart attacks.

If you guessed butter then you guessed correctly. And to add even more saturated fat (and clean, slow-burning fuel to the fire), we’ll throw in some MCTs (medium chain triglycerides).

When you blend high quality coffee with high-quality, grass-fed butter and high quality caprylic acid triglycerides (those are the MCTs), you get a concoction that will give you sustained energy and focus, as well as a shield of protection from disease.

This is what you call Bulletproof Coffee.


Where do you find this elixir?

At the Bulletproof Coffee shop, of course!

Or you can simply make Bulletproof Coffee yourself.


What’s your experience with caffeine, coffee and bulletproof coffee?

Share your thoughts in the box below…

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