I recently accepted a job with Bulletproof as a Biohacker Tech.

Unfortunately I won’t be sharing all of the details just yet. I imagine that Bulletproof will be making an announcement about it soon enough. Once it’s out there for the public, I’ll let you know more…

Until then, I’ll let you know some of the info.



Originally I was going to start work back in July…but then they pushed things back to August. Once again they pushed back the date to some time in September or October. I didn’t want to share any details – until I had details. But I decided I may as well share what I know.

The latest is that I’ll start on September 22nd – to coincide with the upcoming Bulletproof Conference.

Yes, this means that I’ll need to move out there very soon.

If anyone has a friend in the area, please let me know! You can contact me here, on Facebook, phone or email. I need a place to stay temporarily while I find a more permanent home.


I’ll be working in Santa Monica, California.

Again, if you’re in the area or know someone who is, please let me know! You can contact me here, on Facebook, phone or email.


What will I do? Good question!

Biohacker biohacking

More details to come soon…

What about my software company, AppAdvantage.co?

It’s still going! Obviously I won’t have as much time to dedicate to the business but we are still developing apps for iPhone and Android.

What about coaching?

I’m still getting certified as a Bulletproof Coach. I’m looking for people who want some free coaching. Let me know if y0u’re interested!

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