The Ice Conundrum

Today’s Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Bath workshop @ Alt_Chiang Mai faced an unexpected hiccup: an ice shortage! We were prepared for two tubs but only received 3 bags of ice instead of our usual 6. We were left with a quick decision to make: how to manage the limited ice to ensure everyone still enjoyed the incredible benefits of cold immersion?

We decided to make it work using just one tub, distributing the ice wisely. Two bags went into the smallest tub, one bag in the other, and we watched the temperature drop to a chilly 6 degrees. It may not have been our usual setup, but everyone still got their sufficient dosage of cold. And no more ice arrived, even though I asked for more. The ice delivery came and went. But we made it work!

Embracing the Unexpected

Despite the initial obstacle, the workshop turned out to be profoundly impactful. We were able to enjoy not one, not two, but four rounds of breathwork. One participant’s reaction stood out: “I went somewhere else.” This uncommon, yet intriguing response might be attributed to the phenomenon called “transient hypofrontality.” This means that blood flow is restricted to the prefrontal cortex (thinking brain), pushing the mind into the subconscious and limbic brain.

A Unique Experience

Additionally, one participant experienced tetany, where his hands locked in place, resembling lobster claws. Although he admitted it was a bit frightening, this is not unheard of in breathwork and simply goes away.

A Successful Workshop

Despite the initial ice dilemma, the workshop was a resounding success. It provided participants with unique experiences, powerful insights, and, most importantly, a sense of community as everyone worked together to make the most of the situation.

Our workshops continue to be a source of inspiration, discovery, and wellness, even when faced with unexpected challenges. It’s all part of the journey towards health optimization, resilience, and self-exploration.

Join Us Next Time!

Don’t miss out on our next exciting workshop. Who knows what surprises await? One thing is for sure: you’ll walk away invigorated, focused, and with a whole new appreciation for the power of breathwork and cold immersion.

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