Today’s session at Alt_Chiang Mai was greeted with an overcast sky, casting a gentle and calm ambiance as we welcomed 10 spirited participants. Among them were several new faces, ready to embark on an incredible journey of breathwork and ice baths.

Introducing the Magic

Unlike usual sessions, we didn’t share personal introductions. Instead, I introduced myself and explained the process, highlighting the myriad benefits that come from this unique combination of breathwork and ice baths. The attendees were informed about how the process could aid in recovery from physical strain, boost focus and energy, enhance the immune system, and create a profound sense of well-being.

The Breathwork

After understanding the benefits and process, we plunged into our Zen Strength breathwork routine. The cool, cloudy weather provided an almost mystical backdrop, allowing participants to focus inward and connect with their breath.

Ice Baths: Facing the Freeze

Next came the real challenge: the ice baths. Two tubs filled with freezing water, both dropping down to a shivering 5 degrees Celsius, awaited the participants. But the group was undeterred. Everyone was ready to face the icy challenge, knowing the physical and mental rewards that awaited them.

Making It Look Easy

One by one, participants submerged themselves into the cold, displaying both courage and composure. Despite the intensity of the experience, everyone made it look easy, which it most definitely is not!

The energy in the group was palpable, with encouragement and smiles all around. This blend of camaraderie and support turned the daunting task of ice bathing into an exhilarating adventure.

Transformation and Connection

As the session drew to a close, the transformation was evident in every participant. The initial curiosity and apprehension had turned into joy, satisfaction, and newfound energy.

The cloud-covered morning had evolved into a day of connection, courage, and triumph. New connections were made, personal boundaries expanded, and the experience etched into the memory as a moment of achievement and fun.

Join the Chill Tribe

Inspired by this account? Embrace the challenge and join us in the next session. The ice baths may be cold, but the experience will warm your spirit and leave you feeling invigorated.

Find out more about our sessions and sign up for an ice bath at Alt_Chiang Mai here. See you in the tub! ??

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