How do you make your Weight Loss both more effective – and more enjoyable?

That’s the question you’ll get to answer in this article. Losing Weight doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Biohacking gives you ways to achieve your health goals that are effective – and even enjoyable!

Enjoy Fasting for Weight Loss

You’ll learn more about Biohacking your Weight Loss with Fasting soon enough. But first…


Here’s what’s in this update:

[+] Biohacking your Weight Loss with Fasting

[+] Advanced Education for Fasting and Weight Loss

[+] All About Weight Loss

[+] What’s the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

[+] How can you achieve your goals – FASTER?

[+] How do you reduce stress, increase immunity and improve weight loss?


Back to Biohacking your Weight Loss with Fasting…

Do you want weight loss tips and tricks that are not only easy to implement, but also effective and enjoyable?

You’ll get these biohacking tips and tricks shortly. But first…


What is biohacking, anyway?

Biohacking is a bit of a buzz-word with no standard definition.

For me, it’s a way to take control of my own health while finding ways to achieve my health goals in ways that are both effective – and even enjoyable!

Click here to learn more about biohacking your health.


Why fasting?

Fasting is undoubtedly the most effective way to achieve your weight loss goals.

Does this mean going for days without food?

no food fasting icon

Of course not. You’re fasting just as soon as you stop eating – and you reach a fasted state about 4 or more hours after eating.

Thus you’re fasting every night while you sleep.


Too many people just eat too much

The problem for many is that they’re not going long enough without food to allow their bodies to do what’s necessary to “cleanse” and “detox”.

Detox and Cleanse
Detox and Cleanse

This means unwanted garbage – in the form of excessive proteins, bacteria, fungi and virus – continues piling up in the body.

When you fast, not only are you burning fat, but (perhaps more important!) you’re cleaning up these dead and dying cells in your body.


What is fasting?

Fasting is going without. Typically this means abstaining from food. For many this is a scary prospect.

And, although the studies on fasting are often done with only water and many people insist that the only way to fast is with water, you can actually get MORE fasting benefits (and enjoy it too!) by adding things to your fast.

So, without further ado, here are your top 3 fasting biohacks for an effective and enjoyable weight loss journey…


Fasting Biohack #1: Bulletproof Coffee



Most people will tell you that black coffee is okay to drink during your fast – because it has no calories.

Bulletproof Coffee (with egg?!)
Bulletproof Coffee

What they may not tell you and you may not know is that it actually speeds up fat burning. One mechanism of action is by way of increased ketone production.

But Bulletproof Coffee isn’t just about the coffee…



You also have MCT oil to further boost ketone production.

What’s that? MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride and is usually extracted from coconuts. And ketones are what your body produces for energy when it’s in high gear for fat burning.

Finally you have…



This is the hardest for your average human to swallow (literally!). Not because it’s physically hard to swallow. Quite the opposite… It adds a nice creamy texture to your coffee and it tastes amazing – according to me and many others, that is.

The psychology behind butter is what makes it difficult for people to swallow. Butter has been vilified for over 60 years based on flawed results from a study by Ancel Keys. And we’ve been hearing it ever since:

Saturated fat is BAD.

Not true. The mainstream is finally starting to come back around not only to say that saturated fats are not-so-bad, but to take it a step further and say they are good (and I will say necessary for optimal health).

How does butter in the morning help with your fasting and weight loss?

That’s a good question. The basic idea is that you’re jumpstarting your fat-burning engine in the morning to further encourage fat burning – and to keep you satiated for (let’s say 4) hours or more.

But beware: Fat is full of calories so, if you want to lose weight, you will want to find your “minimum effective dose”.


Fasting Biohack #2: Activated Charcoal

That’s right: charcoal. Why? When it’s activated, it adsorbs (or binds to) just about anything and everything. This is why it’s administered in hospitals for things like poisoning and overdoses.

Activated Charcoal
Activated Charcoal

So, when you fast, you may not feel well (with symptoms like brain fog, fatigue and upset stomach). One reason could be that your body is dealing with something somewhat toxic in your gut. When you take activated charcoal, there’s a good chance you’ll feel better in just 15 minutes.


Fasting Biohack #3: Prebiotic Fiber

You’ve heard that fiber is good for digestion. And you’ve heard about the benefits of probiotics. So what, then, is prebiotic fiber?

Acacia (photo by Donald Hobern)
Acacia (photo by Donald Hobern)

It’s a fiber that is food for probiotics (thus the name prebiotics) that can be broken down into ketogenic fats for energy while helping you feel full. They can also help to moderate blood sugar and help with weight loss.

Some examples of prebiotic fiber include acacia gum, guar gum and larch arabinogalactan.

There you have it. You just learned 3 fasting biohacks for effective (and more enjoyable!) weight loss.


Advanced Education for Fasting and Weight Loss

Here’s what I’m up to:

I’m diving ever-deeper into the world of fasting and weight loss. I’m reading Dave Asprey’s new book, “Fast This Way” and embarking on his 2-week fasting challenge.

Fast This Way by Dave Asprey
Fast This Way by Dave Asprey

You can join me and thousands of others for this fasting challenge here starting Monday January 25 – if it’s not too late!

My 3 takeaways thus far:

  1. Fasting and weight loss are easier when you avoid inflammatory foods.
  2. Fasting is easier with Bulletproof Coffee.
  3. Fasting is more effective with activated charcoal and prebiotic fiber (not at the same time).


All About Weight Loss

Are you missing something?

Fasting for Weight Loss
Fasting for Weight Loss

Yes! You are missing something; that is if you haven’t read the last newsletter, click to learn All About Weight Loss
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What is the SIMPLEST way to lose weight?

Although keto is the latest diet trend, after years of personal experience, research, and working with many clients, I truly believe that fasting is the BEST approach to LOSE WEIGHT and achieve your health goals.

Fasting for Weight Loss Course

The problem is that people don’t understand how to make fasting work for them. They may do it in a harmful way that causes MORE health problems.

I’ll show you how to incorporate fasting in your life – in a way that’s simple, effective and healthy. If you want to finally achieve and maintain your weight loss goals, you can get started by checking out the

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How do you reduce stress, increase immunity and improve weight loss?

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What about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with Fasting, Weight Loss and Fasting Biohacks?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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