I broke my fast just short of 5 days. I was feeling really tired and wanted to sleep but at the office there’s no good resting place.

I wandered around outside aimlessly for a while until I decided I would simply break my fast – with beef soup and grilled beef.

I certainly have more energy as I type so I wanted to share my experience with the group…

The last meal prior to my fast was pork bone soup at about 5pm Sunday. I was already quite full and managed to fill my belly even more – with 2 bowls! I really wasn’t planning that extra meal but… a friend invited me to dinner so I went with it.

Days 1-2 were easier than I expected (seeing that it’s been a while since I’ve fasted) though I did add.a few key supplements, thereby “biohacking” my fast:

  • (weak) Coffee w/ MCT and Collagen
  • Essential Amino Acids and Ketone Esters

This made the first couple of days easier but then…

Days 2-5 I was increasingly tired and weak.

What I found odd was that I had bursts of energy and productivity here and there – especially at night when I wanted to sleep!

I was hoping to fast longer but, hey, there will be opportunity for more!

And I was hoping to “turn the (elusive!) corner” like so many other report but, alas, I didn’t.

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