What is your #1 goal with your FOOD and WEIGHT right now?

What’s the biggest challenge keeping you from achieving this goal?

How and Why would it make a difference in your life to get a good answer for this problem – or find a solution?

What have you tried so far to fix the problems?

These are some of the questions asked (and answered!) in a recent survey I sent out.

What were the top answers?

Here they are – sorted by most common:

Top GOALS for Food and Weight

  • build muscle
  • improve health, well-being
  • eat clean
  • weight loss
  • lose fat
  • maintain weight
  • increase energy
  • pain free
  • reduce risk of obesity
  • reduce risk of disease
  • reduce risk of diabetes
  • reduce risk of heart disease
  • reduce risk of high blood pressure
  • eat less oil
  • eat less rice
  • eat less salt
  • maintain keto diet
  • eat more beef
  • eat more fish
  • eat less carbs
  • better focus
  • enjoy life
  • enjoy good food

Top PROBLEMS with Food and Weight

  • Healthy food is expensive
  • keto is difficult to do consistently
  • Not knowing what works (for diet and weight goals)
  • bad diet
  • cooking and preparing food
  • constipation
  • digestion issues (gut pain / gas)
  • arthritis pain
  • not sure what’s in food
  • feel stuck
  • keto requires significant change
  • too much marijuana
  • not hungry

Top SOLUTIONS for Food and Weight

  • cook for yourself
  • marijuana
  • counting macros
  • eat less fat
  • fasting
  • calisthenics
  • take food with me
  • supplements
  • ketone supplements
  • fiber supplements
  • Reduce carbs gradually
  • use oven and air fryer
  • healthy meal shop / delivery (like Paleo Robbie)
  • create own keto foods
  • biohacking
  • diets
  • ice bath
  • breathing

What happens when you achieve these goals?

  • life is simpler
  • more awake
  • feel stronger
  • feel cleaner
  • live life to the fullest
  • be best version of yourself
  • get my dream house
  • steady stream of clients

So there you have it. Perhaps you found something in here that can help you identify problems and solutions to achieve your Food and Weight goals!

What do YOU think?

What are your goals, challenges and solutions around food and weight?

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