You hired a Rockstar Ninja iPhone or Android Developer. Now what?

In past articles you learned what it takes to find a great (Ninja Rockstar!) developer for your team.


(If not you can learn more here:



Let’s say that you want to develop your badass app. You have the idea. You found your badass developer. Now what do you do?


You tell her about your awesome app idea,

she goes off into her rockstar ninja cave for a while, and

she comes back with your shiny, new, awesomeness of an app.

Right? Wrong!


Okay, well those are the high level steps…


But you’ll want to make sure that you and your developer are on the same page as to what it is, exactly, that you want to build.



What problem does your app solve?


If it’s a game, it’s simply to distract and entertain the hell out of people.


If it’s some other kind of app, you’re usually solving a problem.

My imaginary Trail Maps app, for example, solves two problems:

1- Where should I go hiking?

2- How do I keep from getting lost on the trail?



You should come up with a list of features for your app.

You’ll then want to prioritize that list of features.


Now your awesome badass rockstar ninja developer not only understands the point of your app.. but she also knows what it does.



Draw that stuff out.

There are lots of tools out there to help design stuff.


However, to keep this simple, just take a pencil and paper and draw out what the app looks like from a very high level.

Don’t worry about the details. Don’t add colors.


The point is to communicate at a high level what the app does.



There is no step four. Didn’t you read the title of this article?!


Okay, step four is to share all this stuff with your ninja developer and make sure that she understands. She should ask you clarifying questions. Make sure you sufficiently answer them.


She also might make some recommendations. Listen. And consider those recommendations.


If you need graphic design work for your app you may want to also hire someone for this.


Again, you’re welcome to use our guide


to make sure that you get a Ninja Rockstar.


Also share all the info above with your designer. Make sure you’re all on this same page.


That’s all for now.


In the next email, you’ll be getting yet more app-related advice.

(But it will likely be slightly less Rockstar/Ninja/Awesome/Badass-y)


Have questions? Let me know!


– Jason @ 303 Velocity

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