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Vitamin D – Vitamin A – Vitamin K – Vitamin E


A synergistic blend of all the necessary fat-soluble vitamins that work together.


Bottle of DAKE™ shown


    Vitamin DAKE™ is a synergistic blend of essential vitamins D-A-K-E which are fat-soluble vitamins working together to shuttle minerals around so that your body can build proteins, generate energy, and move electrical signals. When you finally consume enough fat-soluble vitamins, magic happens.

    One serving of DAKE contains a recommended 50 mg of mixed delta and gamma tocotrienols, along with 5mg of GG*
    2 Months Supply. 
    * Please disregard the recommended dose on Page 85 of Smarter Not Harder, this was printed in error.
    Bottle of DAKE™ shown


    Bottle of DAKE™ shown

    Why you Need it?

    A lot of nutrition research has focused on each member of the four- some individually, ignoring the fact that they interact. It is quite possible you are deficient in all of them, but you will get into trouble if you supplement some of them without tending to the others. It’s like listening only to the violin part to figure out why a symphony is beautiful. You’re going to need all four vitamins at the right levels, working together. D and A, in particular, work together in harmony. It doesn’t make sense to take them separately except in special cases. That is why we lump the four of them together as a single nutritional unit, Vitamin DAKE™

    • What is GG or Geranylgeraniol?

      The annatto tree also contains geranylgeraniol, a vital component of cells that declines with age. Geranylgeraniol is necessary for building cell membranes, creating energy in mitochondria, and making sex hormones such as testosterone. It also shares some superpowers with vitamin K because it helps keep calcium out of places where it doesn’t belong. This little-known antiaging molecule has a lot of promise.

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