FlexBeam Red Light Therapy

FlexBeam® ~ The Revolutionary Recovery Device

The FlexBeam is a wearable infrared therapy device that stimulates your cells to produce more energy – so you can repair muscle, relieve pain, recharge energy and recover faster.

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Included With Your Purchase

Carry Case

Take your FlexBeam everywhere, in this hardshell carry case included for free in your purchase.


A comprehensive 52 page personal guidebook with defined protocols for use and a wealth of information curated for you by Dr. Zulia Frost.


Three sets of easy-to-use, durable double velcro bands to use your FlexBeam anywhere on your body.

Trustpilot Testimonials

A Bright Tech Innovation

A revolution in LED technology has enabled us to create a portable and powerful device for anyone to use safely anywhere:

✅ Synergistic wavelengths of 630nm (red) and 815 nm (near-infrared)

✅ Pulsation for optimal effect

✅ Dose of up to 100MW pr cm2

✅ 3 easy-to-use presets to vary depth of treatment

✅ 10 minute programs, auto-shutoff

✅ Active cooling fans built in

✅ No EMFs (electro-magnetic field radation)

✅ Durable battery holds up to 5 sessions on a single charge

Target Where It Hurts

How FlexBeam compares

More technical info

Our Studies Show

FlexBeam significantly improves muscular-skeletal issues and our ability to recover faster. It also enables general improvement in strength performance and better sleep.


Faster recovery after a muscle pull


Improvement in strength performance


Reduction in muscular-skeletal pain


Improvement in deep sleep

“I’m using it daily on patients… it’s very effective”
Thomas R. Jensen, physiotherapist, Consensio Treatment Center, Oslo

Developed by NASA.
Reinvented by us.

FlexBeam is the world’s first wearable infrared therapy device. Loved by top athletes, it’s now available to anyone who wants to:

Repair Muscle

Boost blood flow to eliminate the sore-causing serum lactate from your muscles. Promote the stem cell activity that rebuilds muscle tissue and helps them heal and recover.

Relieve Pain
Recharge Energy
Recover Faster

Most Asked Questions

FlexBeam is the world’s first wearable infrared therapy device. Loved by top athletes, it’s now available to anyone who wants to:

How does red light therapy work?
How long until I see results
What conditions can FlexBeam be used for?
What’s the difference between FlexBeam and a far infrared sauna?
What parts of my body can I use FlexBeam?
What is the 60 day money back guarantee?
How long does it take to ship?


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