FlexBeam Red Light Therapy

A Revolution in Pain Relief & Recovery

Discover how FlexBeam’s targeted red light therapy has helped 10,000+ people around the world.

Speed Up The Body’s Natural Healing Process With Targeted Red Light Therapy

Backed by 15,120 peer reviewed studies, red light therapy is shown to relieve painreduce inflammation and help recover faster.


Infrared light stimulates the mitochondria – the energy generators of your cells – to produce more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), NO (Nitric Oxide), and regulate  ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), all crucially involved in the body’s recovery process.


With FlexBeam, red light therapy is now wearable and targeted, for a deeper and more effective healing than ever before.

Learn What FlexBeam Can Do For You

Find Relief From Pain

Treat the Root Cause of Pain

Instead of suppressing the symptoms, help your body recover and fight the pain from within.

By increasing blood flow, released endorphins act faster and more efficiently. At the same time, the light activates the body’s innate anti-inflammatory defences and increases nitric oxide levels, which gives better management of pain mechanisms.

Targeted red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin, giving you, the ability to address the area where it hurts the most.



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