Some of you have been asking about healthy products here in Thailand

If you’re familiar with Bulletproof and its products, you know that they strive to provide some of the cleanest and healthiest products.


If you’re looking for something comparable here in Thailand, I have good news…

You can find some high quality products here and I’ve found that, although not cheap, some of the highest quality products in Thailand come from a company called Healtholicious.


Continue reading for a list of quality health products that I use and recommend here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The list will be growing so I’m open to feedback and suggestions.



Healtholicious C8 C10 MCT – Get the glass bottles (no plastic!) delivered from Healtholicious in BKK.



Anchor Butter – Get it at Rimping and many other grocers.



Healtholicious – Get other quality health products delivered from the Healtholicious website.

Paleo Robbie – Lots of paleo products delivered from their website. I go for the organ meats (liver, eg) because I don’t yet know where to get them locally from a trusted source.