What’s the one most 

simple way to detox your body?

Learn the most SIMPLE way to detox your body, burn fat, look and feel great, without losing muscle or having to count calories, even if you have terrible eating habits.

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The Simplest Way to Detox your Body, Control your Weight and Achieve your Health Goals

Welcome to Zen Strength

 and the

Master Faster Detox challenge

Where you will…

Detox your Body

You’ll “deep clean” your gut and your body at a cellular level – so that you experience less pain and inflammation, with less visits to the doctor! You’ll have the peace of mind that your body is more resilient to illness and chronic stress.

Control your Weight

Better than simply losing weight, you’ll learn to burn fat while preserving and building muscle.

There’s no need to count calories and you can still eat the foods you enjoy.

Boost Productivity

Because it’s so simple, you’ll find that you not only have much more free time during the day, you’ll also save money. That means more time and money to focus on what matters most in your life.

Your body, mind and life transformationYou can go from…

  • Eating damaging food
  • Out-of-control weight gain
  • Your brain shutting OFF 
  • Fat and weak
  • Insecure and struggling
  • Unappreciated and judged

…and transform yourself to…

  • Detox and cleanse your body
  • Food simply not on your mind
  • Energized, focused flow state
  • Healthy and strong
  • Confident and successful
  • Valued and respected

What our students say…

“The fasting program was excellent, very informative and I liked all the information presented, from high-level down to the science. Learning the reasons behind fasting and trying different types through the program helped me stay motivated. The program broke down the processes to their core so I could understand why my body reacts to hunger (real and emotional) and how to utilize it instead of fighting it. Prior to starting, I had no expectation it would help with my specific chronic pains. Knowing Jason’s reputation, I knew he was extensively experienced and wouldn’t present a gimmick, fad or anything he doesn’t practice himself. I was skeptical but figured it was worth entertaining anyway. By the end of it, there was a significant reduction in the pain I’ve been dealing with for nearly 20 years. While not completely gone, it’s clearly subsiding and I am confident that continued intermittent fasting will continue to allow my body to repair itself. Additionally, I lost a healthy amount of weight. That wasn’t a goal, but it was a very welcome side benefit. Continued weight control has been very easy, something I’m not used to. This is a lifestyle adjustment, not a diet, and a sustainable one at that. Holy Grail solutions don’t exist. Problem-solving takes patience, dedication and education. However this has been as close to a Holy Grail as one could get. I definitely recommend the program to anyone who has an interest in health, whether it’s weight control, pain/injury reduction, cancer prevention or just educational interest.”

Ryan Manley

CEO of BigBlock.io

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