Reduce Stress – Increase Immunity – Boost Energy
This 2-in-1 workshop will make you feel AMAZING – and more resilient to the stressors in your life!
Come join us and experience the power of your breath – and your mind. ?
? Where:
Click here to join us live online – at the time of the event.
? When:
Monthly on Sunday (click HERE for dates)

[+] Malaysia – 10:00 PM
[+] Thailand – 9:00 PM
[+] Moscow – 5:00 PM
[+] Amsterdam – 3:00 PM (!! New winter time)
[+] London – 2:00 PM (!! New winter time)
[+] New York – 10:00 AM
[+] Mexico – 8:00 AM (!! New winter time)
[+] Los Angeles – 7:00 AM
? Why breathwork and meditation are great:
1 – Zen Strength Breathwork
Inspired by many powerful proven breathwork modalities, Jason Ryer will guide you on a journey inside your body using oxygen and the power of your breath to help you
[+] Control Stress
[+] Manage Energy
[+] Lower Inflammation
[+] Increase Endurance
[+] Live Longer
2 – Samavira Meditation
By now you know that meditation is good for you. Lauren Schuivens will guide you in her style of meditation that can help you
[+] Promote Relaxation
[+] Lower Stress
[+] Boost Creativity
[+] Increase Focus
[+] Enhance Productivity
? Join us!
If you read this far, of course you’re in! ?
PLEASE be on time so you can get the most out of the event! ?
? Preparation:
Ensure you’re in a quiet room with little or no distractions, and wear comfortable clothes. Wear headphones to enhance the experience.
To experience the most of the breath technique, please come to the event with an empty stomach. If you must eat before the event, please eat light, and give yourself at least 1 hour before joining the event.
For the breathwork, we will lie down, so please prepare a mat, couch or anything comfortable and flat to lie on ? For the meditation, you can sit on the floor or on a chair.
About us:
Hosted by Jason Ryer – Zen Strength & Lauren Schuivens – Samavira
Jason Ryer, certified Bulletproof and Human Potential coach, helps people struggling to lose weight EFFICIENTLY achieve their goals in a HEALTHY way – without counting calories, rigorous exercise, or strict dieting.
Lauren Schuivens is a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness trainer and founder of the international wellness brand Samavira. Lauren is trained by Thai Buddhist Monks and has facilitated classes in meditation and other modalities to 100+ people across Asia, Europe and Online.