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Ryan Manley

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“The fasting program was excellent. I lost a healthy amount of weight. I definitely recommend the program to anyone who has an interest in health, whether it’s weight control, pain/injury reduction, cancer prevention or just educational interest.”

Joe Mills

Voice Over Artist at The Bearded Voice

“Before I entered the fasting program I simply had a terrible relationship with food. The fasting itself was really simple, and it saved me a bunch of money.  I feel like I reset to a much more reasonable place..

Jason Ryer  //  BULLETPROOF and Human Potential Coach


As a certified BULLETPROOF and Human Potential Coach with knowledge and access to the best tools for hacking health and upgrading human performance, it’s my goal to help you achieve your life goals – to be the best version of yourself possible.

Bulletproof Coach

Kevin King Changed His Life with Fasting 

Finance and Real Estate Businessman who Took on the Challenge

About Our Fasting Approach

There’s no doubt: Fasting works for Weight Loss and there are many studies to prove it. It’s also much simpler than dieting because you focus on when you eat, rather than what you eat. Better yet, your weight loss will be much easier (dare we say enjoyable?!) because we share things you can eat and drink that keep you full – and encourage weight loss.

  • Fasting helps you lose weight.
  • Fasting is simple.
  • You’ll learn to make fasting easy.