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Breathwork Ice Bath Chiang Mai Thailand
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Offering an ice bath is easy.

Here's what's hard:

Creating an unforgettable experience for your clients that garners rave reviews, referrals, greater customer satisfaction - and more customers!

That's where Zen Strength comes in...

Create Unforgettable Experiences

Zen Strength Ice Bath by Jason Ryer

Zen Strength Breathwork + Ice Bath by Jason Ryer

Breathwork Mastery
Zen Strength Breathwork by Jason Ryer

Empower clients to manage stress and boost energy

Ice Bath Immersion
Zen Strength Ice Bath by Jason Ryer

Challenge limits and unlock peak performance

Combination Workshop
Zen Strength Breathwork Ice Bath by Jason Ryer

Breathwork / Ice Bath / Sauna / HIIT / Nutrition

Don't Miss Out on the Wellness Revolution

The demand for innovative wellness experiences is skyrocketing.
Here's why partnering with Zen Strength is your ticket to riding this wave:


Global interest in "ice bath" has jumped by 328% over the past 5 years.


Global interest in "breathwork" has exploded 438% over the past 5 years.


The value of the global wellness tourism market by 2025, growing at 7.2% annually.

And: 500,000+ Instagram posts tagged #coldwatertherapy, showing massive social media engagement.

The wellness industry is booming, and practices like breathwork and cold therapy are at the forefront.

By partnering with Zen Strength, you're not just offering a service – you're joining a global movement towards better health and well-being.

Watch Your Business Thrive

More Customers

Increase client retention and word-of-mouth referrals

More to Offer

Differentiate your business with cutting-edge wellness offerings

More Money

Boost revenue with high-value, low-overhead experiences

The Science Behind the Sensation

Our workshops aren't just popular – they're backed by science.

Here are just a few benefits your clients can expect:

⚡ Energy Boost

350% increase in metabolism through cold exposure

💪 Quick Recovery

Up to 50% reduction in inflammation and faster muscle recovery

🧘 Increase Calm

40% reduction in stress levels over a 6-week period

Meet Your Expert Guide: Jason Ryer

With 3+ years of experience leading breathwork and ice bath workshops, Jason brings a unique blend of expertise in human optimization and holistic health to every session.

  • Certified Breath Coach
  • Bulletproof Human Potential Coach
  • MBA & former Software Consultant
Partner with Jason Ryer at Zen Strength

Jason was an amazing instructor who made the experience educational as well as rewarding!

I never thought I could manage my first ice bath and stay in for so long!

I feel so energized and fresh afterwards!

Jonas Abelsson

Flexible Partnership Models

We offer tailored solutions to fit your business needs:

⚖️ Revenue Sharing

Grow together with a percentage-based model

🤝 Flat Fee

Predictable costs for easy budgeting

Ready to Wow Your Clients?

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